Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas. Create a place to relax in your living room with a new sectional sofa.
Sectional Sofas

Welcome to our sectional sofas category! Before you start shopping, we’ve got great answers to questions you have for us. Take a look below.What is a sectional sofa?A sectional sofa is a common type of sofa found in living rooms. Sectionals are made up of individual pieces that are joined together to create different combinations depending on your needs, whether you want power reclining, consoles, sleepers, armrests, and more.How to measure sectional sofa?You don’t have to worry about this part as each of our sectionals has the dimensions included for you, so you can figure out the best fit for your living room. It will look like 114" W x 114" D x 30" H for example.Where do you place a sectional in a living room?When you’re entering your living room, you want to make sure you’re facing your sectional as it’s a much more welcoming look than walking in to see the back of your sectional.
You can place your sectional sofa in the biggest corner of your living room, so you can maximize space and keep your TV in mind for easy viewing.How to style sectional sofa?You can style your sectional sofa with a coffee table, rug, and a beautiful piece of art on the wall behind it. For a cozy touch, add some throw blankets and pillows.What size rug for sectional sofa?Since sectional sofas are large and take up a lot of space, you should get an area rug that’s 8’ x 10’ or bigger. This ensures everything in your living room is on the same scale so your rug is a perfect size.How to connect sectional sofa together?Our selection of sectional sofas gives you the option of combining their single pieces into different combinations, so you can configure the sectional into a combination that fits best in your living room.How to choose a sectional sofa?This depends if you want a sectional sofa that’s simply for style, comfort, or power reclining options.
If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable sectional sofa that doesn’t have power reclining, then consider a sectional sofa with chaise or a corner sofa from our wide selection.
When you’re looking for sectionals that come with power reclining and headrest options, then you’re going to want to look at our power reclining sectionals for ultimate relaxation. We even have some that come with sleepers so your guests can sleep over!
Consider the upholstery, style, size, and more to make your final decision.
Now that we have answered some important questions, we’re excited for you to find your favorite sectional sofa!