Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas. Create a place to relax in your living room with a new sectional sofa.
Sectional Sofas

Are you ready to create a relaxing space in your living room with a spacious and comfy sectional? Before you start shopping, we’ve got some great answers to questions you might have about choosing the right sectional.
What is a sectional sofa?
It's the best way to optimize your living room comfort. You can select individual pieces to create different combinations and customize your sectional sofa, whether you are looking for power recliners, consoles, sleepers, armrests, or corner chairs.
How do you decide the size of your sectional sofa?
First, you must consider the area available in your living room. You might want to get a more space-saving option like a corner sofa with a chase or a three-piece recliner. If you want to play with large sectionals and make the space for a complete setup, we have an incredible selection that can accommodate as far as seven-piece sets. You can use a corner piece to tie the entire sectional together and take maximum advantage of the available area. Some sectionals come with a "wall-crawler" feature that can also help conserve the space in your living room layout.
Where in the living room should you place a sectional?
We recommend placing it in the largest corner of your living room, so the sectional is against the wall and you can maximize the space in your layout. For a more welcoming look, make sure the sectional is facing your living room entrance.
How can you style a sectional sofa?
You can complement the look of your sectional sofa with a coffee table, an area rug, or a beautiful piece of art on the wall behind it. For a cozy touch, add some throw blankets and pillows.
to find the perfect way to complete your living room space.
How do you connect the pieces of your sectional sofa?
Once the best fit for your living room is chosen, we give you the option to have it delivered to your home that way we can take care of the assembly. If you choose to pick it up yourself, don't worry! It's only a light assembly as they are designed for your convenience. You can easily move the pieces around and create new layouts for your living room.
What else should you keep in mind when choosing a sectional?
Consider the style, size, upholstery, and level of comfort. There are power reclining options if you want to adjust your body position. Consoles with cup holders, storage, and charging stations are also available if you want to create your personal movie theater setup. We even have some choices that come with sleepers so your guests can spend the night. Take a look at our wide selection to create the sectional of your dreams and turn your living room into your personal haven.