Dressers. Find a storage solution for your bedroom with our wide selection of dressers.

Looking for the right dresser to complement your bedroom? We can help! Take a look at some frequently asked questions to help you choose the right fit for your space.
Why should you buy a dresser?
A dresser is an important addition to your space, especially if you are looking for extra storage to organize the garments and essentials in your bedroom. It keeps your clothes neatly folded and your accessories safely accommodated, while providing a tabletop surface to display your perfumes, lamps, vases, or decoration pieces.
What is the difference between a dresser and a chest of drawers?
While they both can serve the same storage purposes, a dresser is lower, wider, and takes more space. A chest of drawers has a more narrow and tall design.
What are the different types of dressers?
In addition to drawers, the combo dresser has one or two doors that open to reveal shelves that can accommodate your essentials. With a large tabletop surface, a horizontal dresser comes with a couple of wide drawers (or multiple small ones) for your storage needs. A double dresser, on the other hand, is twice as big and it's perfect for couples that share a bedroom. A dresser with a mirror can assist your morning routine and help you get ready before leaving the house.
What should you consider when buying a dresser?
Consider the space you have available before deciding on the size of your dresser. A compact dresser can work for small spaces, but your storage capacity becomes more limited. The material is just as important because not only will reflect on style but also the durability of your dresser. The use of cedar-lined drawers can prevent humidity-related damage and increase the life of your furniture piece. If you are looking for a charming rustic look, get a wood dresser with a distressed or weathered finish. Black metal legs can add an industrial touch. For a contemporary or modern dresser look for a minimal design with chrome accents, neutral tones, and a glossy finish. If you want to create a grand statement for your classic taste, we also have traditional dressers made of wood with an opulent presence, carved accents, and intricate hardware. El Dorado has a wide selection of dressers to choose from, so take a look at our options before picking the best one for your bedroom.