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Side Tables

Welcome to our side tables category! We’re excited for you to find your favorite pieces but first, let us answer a few of your frequently asked questions.
What is a side table’s purpose?
A side table is placed next to a piece of furniture, usually a sofa or bed. Its main purpose is to make sure any essential items you need are within easy reach. This includes charging cords, books, TV remotes, lamps, eyeglasses, beverages, and more. End tables also add a new element of style to any room they’re placed in!
How tall should side tables be?
When you’re looking to buy a side table, keep in mind that the table should be at same height or just below the bed or arm of the seat it’s next to. If it’s lower than this, you will find yourself leaning down to reach for essentials, making it an uncomfortable position for you to be in.
So, can side table be taller than sofa?
No. It’s best for the end table to be at nearly the same height as the arm of your sofa or chair you’re sitting on. This makes it easy for you to set down your drink, grab a TV remote, or turn on your table lamp!
What size side table?
Consider the other pieces of furniture you have in your living room or bedroom. The size of your new side tables shouldn’t overpower your sofa or chair, but they also shouldn’t be so small that they won’t be noticeable or functional in the room.
When you’re looking through our selection, we recommend paying attention to the dimensions so you can pick the right size for your home.
What are the different types of side tables?
A side table with storage usually comes with at least one drawer, so you can put away any essentials to keep the top looking neat and organized. This accent table is perfect for adding storage to your side of the bed.
Swivel side tables allow you to swivel the table, so if you’re reaching for something, it’ll be easy when you turn the table towards where you are sitting.
Nesting side tables are perfect for you if you live in a small space. They usually come in a set of two, so you can fit one under the other to save space! Plus, this type of table can also be used as a nightstand or coffee table.
Do side tables have to match?
Matching side tables will look great in your home but you don’t always have to match them. Adding different side tables brings a unique look and personal touch to the room! Just make sure the end tables’ size, colors, and styles are similar.
How to decorate side table?
When it comes to decorating your side table, it’s not really about decorating but more about what you need to reach for when you’re sitting down. First, decide on any decorative accessories and essential items you’ll be placing or storing in your side table, and then you can add a tray or basket on top to keep everything organized!
Now that we have answered some of your questions, we’re excited for you to explore our selection of side tables which include small side tables, glass side tables, wooden side tables, and more!