Chests. Keep your style and storage needs in mind. Find the perfect chest for your bedroom below.

Chests are an extremely convenient option for your bedroom, but choosing the right fit can be a challenge if you don't know exactly what to look out for. Take a look at some frequently asked questions that might help you navigate better through this section.
Why should you get a chest of drawers?
If you need extra storage in your bedroom, a chest of drawers can be a compact and effective solution. This versatile piece can complement the style of your room without taking up much space. There are different types of dressers designed to accommodate your undergarments, accessories, suits, and even media center.
What is the difference between a chest and a dresser?
The chest is the perfect option for a small space because it tends to be more narrow, while the dresser's design is usually shorter and wider. Some people like to decorate their bedrooms with both a chest and a dresser to maximize their storage and organization possibilities.
What are the different types of chests?
Vertical chests are the more versatile and common options for a bedroom, combining style and utility to accommodate your storage needs. A lingerie chest is taller and more slender than other designs and it's ideal for organizing undergarments, socks, and jewelry. As the name might suggest, a bachelor’s chest is the perfect choice for a single person that won't require too much storage space. In addition to drawers, a gentleman’s chest also has a cabinet for hanging suits. With a wide frame and an open display, a media chest can accommodate your TV, consoles, cables, remotes, among other accessories from your entertainment system.
What should you consider when buying a chest?
It's important to think about the balance between the space you have available for placement and the storage capacity of your chest. You don't want to get something too narrow if you actually need enough room for clothing and accessories. If space isn't an issue, it's important to consider functionality. What do you intend to store in your chest of drawers? Do you need cabinet space? Some of our chests come with a jewelry tray and mirror in the back, and some come with LED lighting and felt-lined drawers. The next thing to contemplate is if you want to match the chest with the style of your bedroom. We have a variety of modern, traditional, coastal, and transitional chests with quality materials that can complement the look of your bedroom layout. Browse through our options and choose the most stylish and convenient chest for your home.