Welcome to our sofas category! Before you find your favorite couch, we’re going to answer some questions you might have for us.

Why sofa is important?

A sofa establishes the overall style and mood of your living room. It’s the most important element to the room, and it’s your anchor piece for arranging other living room furniture around the couch. Your sofa is also the most comfortable spot in your living room, so your whole family looks forward to sitting back and relaxing together.

What sofa fabric is best for dogs?

When you’re looking for a pet-friendly sofa, the best fabrics are leather, leatherette, and microfiber. They’re easy to clean, durable, and last for years.

How to clean sofa?

This changes depending on the fabric your sofa is upholstered in. Refer to the Care Instructions section when you’re exploring one of our sofas to get instructions on how to clean and maintain it.

What is a standard sofa size?

Although the size of a sofa might vary, the average width starts at eighty-six inches and can be even wider to over one hundred inches!

How to measure a sofa?

We’ll take care of this part. When you’re looking at sofas on our website, the dimensions are already included for you so you can compare them to your living room to ensure which sofa fits best in your home.

How long do sofas last?

A sofa can last from seven to fifteen years. If your sofa’s seats start sagging dramatically so you have no support or comfort anymore, the frame is broken or squeaking, or the fabric is worn out and stained, then it’s probably time to get yourself a new couch.

How to decorate above your sofa?

If you feel like there’s space behind your sofa on the wall, you can fill it by adding your favorite wall art and mirrors. One great example is placing a wall mirror in the center and putting wall art next to the left and right sides of the mirror for a consistent look.

How to decorate sofa with pillows?

The easiest place to start is by finding pillows that you like whether they have a pattern, a solid color, or unique stitching. An odd number of pillows always looks best on a sofa, so consider adding three, five, or seven pillows depending on the size of your new couch.

Which sofa fabric is best?

There isn’t a single sofa fabric that is the “best.” You just have to decide what upholstery you want for your living room! If you want a sofa that’s easy to clean, then the best options are a leather sofa, microfiber sofa, or faux leather sofa. For a delicate and elegant fabric, a velvet or polyester sofa is a better option for your living room.

Can accent chair be taller than couch?

If you already have an accent chair at home and want to make sure your new sofa’s height will not clash, the seat height of both your chair and sofa should be within four inches of each other. This ensures all your living room furniture is sized correctly height-wise.

How to choose a sofa?

This is up to you to decide! Keep in mind the style, size, upholstery, and special features of the sofa. If you want a sofa that’s primarily for style, any of our stationary sofas are a perfect fit, but if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, then a power reclining sofa is great for you with the headrests and recliners easily adjusted to find your level of comfort!

Now that we have answered some important questions, we’re excited to see which sofa you get.