Futons, Sleepers & Daybeds

Futons, Sleepers & Daybeds
Futons, Sleepers & Daybeds

Welcome to our futons, sleepers, and daybeds category! Before you pick out your favorite, we’re going to answer some key questions.
Are futons comfortable?
Yes, futons can be comfortable, making them a great addition for your expected (or unexpected) guests to sleep on when they’re visiting overnight. You can also use a futon as a sofa in your living room!
Can you sleep on a futon every night?
As long as the futon bed has enough cushioning to support your body with ultimate comfort, you can essentially sleep on a futon every night!
Can adults sleep on daybeds?
Depending on the size of the daybed, it can fit a twin or full mattress, making it a great choice for a teen, a single adult sleeper, or guests in your home office or guest room!
Are daybeds good for everyday use?
If you have a comfortable, high-quality mattress on your daybed that doesn’t leave you feeling sore or in pain, you can sleep on it every day, easily!
Can daybed be used as a couch?
Of course! Daybeds are versatile in your home as they’re a great solution for a small space, whether it’s your guest room, living room, bedroom, home office, or kids bedroom. Add some accent pillows on top for the finishing touch to your new sofa.
Are sleeper sofas comfortable?
Yes, sleeper sofas, also known as sofa beds, are comfortable! Our selection has sleeper sofas upholstered and padded with high-quality materials, allowing you to use them as either a sofa or bed in your living room.
What should I look for when buying a sofa bed?
Whether you’re looking for a futon, daybed, or sleeper sofa, comfort is what’s most important. Pay attention to the product’s upholstery, padding, and support to help you make a decision.
Plus, make sure the style of the sofa bed will match the room you’re placing it in, so it doesn’t clash with your décor style.
Now that we have answered your questions, we can’t wait to see which sleeper sofa, futon, or daybed you take home!