Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor Accessories
Outdoor Accessories

Before considering what to get for your outdoor area, let's go over a few questions that some people commonly have about the accessories.
What are a few must-have outdoor accessories?
Outdoor rugs, umbrellas, pillows, fire pits, and covers are part of our wide selection of must-have accessories for your patio or balcony.
Are outdoor rugs a good idea?
Yes! They can add a finishing touch to your patio with a unique pattern or vibrant color. Besides being stylish, outdoor patio rugs are also designed to be on your patio all year long and they can withstand sun, rain, and other outdoor elements. Just make sure that you flip it after getting wet so both sides of the rug can dry properly.
Do I need a rug pad for an outdoor rug?
We recommend using a pad because it ensures that less dirt will get stuck between the rug and your patio deck. A pad also makes the rug more breathable, so there is less chance of any mold or mildew. More importantly, a pad keeps the outdoor area rug in place, preventing you or any of your family members from slipping.
What size patio umbrella do I need?
When you’re looking at our selection of outdoor patio umbrellas, pay attention to the dimensions, as some bases are wider than others. Whether you choose a round or square umbrella, make sure that it's the correct fit for your patio.
Can patio umbrellas get wet?
Yes, outdoor umbrellas are water-resistant for your convenience and designed to protect you from the elements of the outdoors, so you can sit under your new umbrella when it’s raining or rest under its shade on a sunny day.
Can you leave outdoor pillows outside?
Yes! The fabric of outdoor pillows is designed to tolerate the moisture, rain, and heat from outside. However, when your pillows get wet, it’s best to shake them off afterward to avoid any mold or mildew.
Should you cover outdoor furniture?
With our selection of outdoor covers, you can safely protect your patio furniture, especially during winter when you are not spending as much time outside.