Bunk Beds/Lofts

Bunk beds and loft beds. Make the most of your kid's bedroom by viewing our selection of bunk beds for ultimate space saving.
Bunk Beds/Lofts

Are you looking for the perfect bed for your twins? Before finding your favorite bunk bed, take a look at some frequently asked questions to get a better insight into what you need to look out for.
Why should you consider bunk beds?
If space is limited in your home and you have twins or siblins sharing a room, a bunk bed is a perfect solution. This type of bed gives them both a place to sleep while providing a space-saving layout.
Do bunk beds need box springs?
That depends on the bunk bed you choose for your home. If you see the feature “mattress support system included”, you don’t need to get a box spring or bunkie board for the bunk bed.
Do bunk beds have a weight limit?
Yes, make sure you always check the features to see what the weight limit is for each bunk bed to avoid accidents or injuries.
How tall are bunk beds?
The height of a bunk bed varies, but most are around five or six feet tall. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping our selection, so you can ensure the bed isn't too high for your ceiling or too hard for your kids to climb.
What is the best kind of bunk bed?
That is up to you! Think about the size, style, placement, how many of your kids will be sharing the bunk bed, or if any storage space is needed. If you only have one child, a loft bed with a desk might be the best option. Take a look at our selection to decide which one is the perfect choice for your home.