Welcome to our mattress foundations category! Before you find the best mattress foundation or bunkie board, let us help you by answering a few key questions.

What does a mattress foundation do?

Your mattress gives your body the support it needs while a mattress foundation ensures that the mattress is supported properly for years to come!

Bed foundations also raise or lower the height of the mattress, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Are mattress foundations necessary?

It depends on the type of bed you’re looking at! Platform beds usually come with support included already but if you’re looking at a panel bed, you’ll definitely need to get a bed foundation or box spring to support your mattress properly.

Do you need Bunkie board with memory foam mattress?

Yes, if you have a memory foam mattress on a platform bed frame, a Bunkie board is the best type of support for the foam in your mattress.

Can you put a mattress foundation on the floor?

If you don’t have a bed frame for your new mattress yet, it’s fine for you to place your mattress foundation on the floor because it’s a perfectly flat surface.

Low or regular foundation?

If you like a low profile look in your bedroom, a low profile foundation is perfect for your mattress. When you prefer your mattress to be higher off the ground, then consider a regular mattress foundation instead.

Now that we have answered these important questions, we can’t wait to see which bed foundation you get whether it’s a bunkie board, low profile foundation, or regular profile foundation!