Full Beds

Full beds. Get the perfect addition to your teen's bedroom or guest bedroom with a new full bed.
Full Beds

Before starting your search for the perfect full bed, we’d love to go over some questions you might have.
What is a full size bed?
A full bed is one size bigger than a twin bed, allowing a little more space for one or two people to share the same sleeping space.
Are full beds and double beds the same?
Yes, a full bed frame is also known as a double bed.
Can a full-size bed frame fit a queen mattress?
No, a full-size bed frame is designed to only fit a full mattress.
Does a full-size bed frame need center support?
It depends on the bed you choose, some might have a mattress support system included, In other cases, you might need a low foundation for your full bed frame.
What is the height range for a full bed frame?
When you’re looking at your favorite full-size bed, pay attention to the features for suggested mattress height. An example is “Recommended mattress height range: 9"-11". That means your mattress should be either nine, ten, or eleven inches high to fit the full bed frame.
Should I get a twin or full bed?
If you’re getting the bed for your child, a twin bed is all you need. If it's for a teen or an adult, a full bed has a wider surface and can accommodate the sleeper more comfortably.
How can I choose the ideal full bed?
Consider the dimensions, style, and type of full bed frame you want so you can find the perfect addition to your bedroom. If you need drawers for your bedtime essentials, get a full bed with storage. Looking into a full panel bed? Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a mattress foundation or box spring to support your mattress. A full-size platform bed, on the other hand, usually has the support system included already, so you might not need to get a mattress foundation. Explore our amazing full bed section to find exactly what you are looking for.