Nightstands. Add the finishing touch to your bedroom with our selection of stylish nightstands.

Ready to choose a nightstand for your bedroom? If you are still undecided about which design you should get, take a look at some frequently asked questions that can help you pick the best fit for your home.
What should you look for in a nightstand?
The best part about nightstands is how convenient they are, especially when you need to grab something in the middle of the night. For the right nightstand, please consider size, storage options, and style. Remember to keep the proportions in check to create a balanced layout with the rest of your bedroom. Some nightstands also come with useful and stylish options like built-in USB ports, piers, and LED lighting on the bottom.
What is the right size for a nightstand?
When choosing the perfect-sized nightstand for your bedroom, you need to be able to comfortably reach for your bedtime essentials when needed, this is why the recommended height for your nightstand would be one or two inches taller than your mattress. You can also play around with the scale for a more dynamic look, as long as it's not too high or too low.
What can you put on your nightstand?
A relaxing environment is important for a good night of sleep, therefore your nightstand should be kept clean and hold only your essentials without any cluttering. Table lamps are a must-have for those who enjoy some reading time before falling asleep. Your medications should always be within reach so you won't need to get up to fetch them. Although having your phone next to you can be disruptive, some people prefer using them to set up alarms for the next morning, so consider getting a charging station for your nightstand.
Do you need to match the nightstand with the rest of your bedroom?
Not necessarily. However, you should try to keep a similar style and be mindful of the proportions. If your space is decorated modern, you could place a transitional nightstand or a minimal design that won't clash with the layout of your bedroom. You can be creative and still match the colors, patterns, or shapes of your nightstand with the rest of the furniture in your room. We have a wide selection of nightstands to choose from, consider all the things above to choose the best option for your bedroom.