Curios & Collectors Cabinets

Curios & Collectors Cabinets
Curios & Collectors Cabinets

Before you start shopping, we want to clarify any questions you might have for us.
What are curio cabinets?
Curios are a type of cabinet that has shelves with interior lighting and glass doors, where you can display beautiful items such as vases, glasses, china, and other decorative pieces.
Pier units look more like bookcases, with shelves that you can use to display your favorite books and decorative accessories.
Are curio cabinets still in style?
Yes, they’re very popular in modern-style homes. While not everyone owns china to add inside a curio for a traditional look, you can still use a piece like this to show off other items.
What room does a curio cabinet go in?
Curios can go pretty much anywhere! It just depends on what you are displaying inside the curio, whether you need storage and display space in your dining room, living room, home office, or bedroom.
What to put in a curio cabinet?
First, decide on the purpose of your display cabinet.
If it’s going in your dining room, make sure to include dining utensils such as plates, china, silverware, and glasses or mugs.
If you decide to add your new curio cabinet to a living room, bedroom, or office, focus on more general items like your favorite books and accessories.
How to choose a curio cabinet?
When you’re picking out your new curio, make sure you pay attention to the style, dimensions, and colors. Think about the other furniture you currently have, so you can decide on a curio cabinet that will match the style and size of the room.
Now that we have answered some of your questions, we can’t wait for you to find your new curio with our wide selection which includes glass curio cabinets, lighted curio cabinets, pier units, collectible display cabinets, and more.