Dining Sets

Dining Sets. Get ready for every get together by exploring our formal and casual dining sets.
Dining Sets

Welcome to our dining sets category! Before you pick out your favorite dining room set, we’re going to answer questions you might have.
What is included in a dining room set?
A typical dining room set comes with a dining table and dining chairs. The most popular combination is one table and four chairs to create a 5 piece dining set.
How much space is needed for a dining table and chairs?
There should be at least thirty-six inches between the edge of your table and chairs and the wall. This gives you enough room to walk behind the chairs while your family is seated so your dining room isn’t too crowded. The dimensions of our dining sets are included for your convenience such as 79" W* x 39" D x 30" H
Do dining chairs have to fit under table?
Yes, chairs should be able to slide under your table easily. You don’t have to worry about this though as our dining sets have tables and chairs paired together that are the same scale, so dining chairs will always fit.
Does dining set have to match?
If you’re buying a dining room set, the chairs and table are included together, so they do match. If you would rather get them separately and not get a dining set package, just make sure the table and chairs are at least similar when it comes to style and color so they’ll complement each other and look great in your dining room.
Best dining room set?
This is up to you to decide! You should take into account the size of the dining table, amount of seating, style, and upholstery of dining chairs, helping you pick out a dining table set that matches the dimensions and design of your dining room.
Now that we have answered your questions, we’re excited to see which dining room set you pick out, whether it’s a round dining table set, a dining set with bench, or modern dining table set.