Dining Sets

Dining Sets. Get ready for every get together by exploring our formal and casual dining sets.
Dining Sets

It's time to upgrade your dining space with a stylish set. But before picking your favorite option, we’re going to answer a few questions that might help you decide.
What is included in a dining room set?
A typical dining room set comes with a table and matching chairs. The most popular combination includes one table and four seats to create a 5-piece dining set. Some dining sets might come with stools and benches instead of side chairs. There are also extendable table options that allow the room to accommodate more guests when needed.
Does the table and chairs need to match in a dining set?
If you’re buying a dining room set, the chairs and table are included together so they do match each other. If you would rather get them separately for a more authentic look, just make sure the table and chairs are at least similar when it comes to style and color, so they can complement one another and look great in your dining room.
Which table shape works best in your dining room?
The traditional rectangular table can accommodate more people and it's ideal for large families or hosting dinner parties with your friends. If you have a compact and squared dining room or kitchen, then get a square table to complement the layout of your space. A round tabletop is perfect for small spaces and the chairs are facing the center of the table, allowing all your guests to engage in the dinner conversations.
What should you consider when choosing a dining room set?
The first thing you should consider is the space available to get the right size of the dining table and determine how many seats you might need. The material and style are also important when thinking about the right design for your dining room. Wood can provide a classic, durable look that can go with a coastal or traditional layout. A stone top can bring a more elegant and stately presence. If you have a small space, glass is recommended for a minimal and clean design. Metal has a modern and industrial appearance and can turn your dining set into a statement piece. Take a look at our charming and diverse dining set options to find the perfect fit for your home.