Recliners. Add an element of comfort to your living room with our selection of recliners. Check out our incredible options below.

Welcome to our recliners category! Before you start exploring your options, we’re going to make the process easier for you by answering frequently asked questions.

How do you use a recliner?

This depends on whether you have a power recliner or manual recliner. When you’re ready to recline, a power recliner reclines easily with the push buttons on the side while a manual recliner reclines when you start leaning back.

How are recliner chairs measured?

You don’t have to worry about measuring one of our recliners as the dimensions are included in each product’s features for your convenience!

Are recliners good for your back?

Yes! Recliners offer great back and lumbar support, making them perfect for you if you have back pain and need some pressure relief.

What is a wall hugger recliner?

This type of recliner has a wall-hugger mechanism that reclines the recliner away from the wall, helping you save space in a small living room or bedroom instantly.

Does recliner have to match couch?

No, a recliner doesn’t have to match your sofa! Just make sure the style of the recliner chair is at least similar so it matches the overall design of your living room.

Can recliners chairs be raised?

Yes, power lift recliners can be raised. If you’re interested in a power lift recliner, we have this type of recliner too!

What is the best recliner?

This is up to you to decide! Consider the upholstery, style, size, and push-button options to find a recliner that fits your living room space best.

Now that we have answered some important questions, we’re excited to see which recliner chair you get whether it’s a power recliner, manual recliner, or power lift recliner!