Recliners. Add an element of comfort to your living room with our selection of recliners. Check out our incredible options below.

After a long day of work or activities, there is nothing better than having a place to sit back and relax. With our wide selection of recliners, you can pick one out to be your very own seat for complete comfort.

When you are ready to shop, there are plenty of recliner chairs for you to consider, depending on what you need one for. If you struggle to get up and sit down, add a power lift recliner that will help you with both actions. To pick your level of comfort, a power recliner might just be perfect with an adjustable headrest and sometimes a cup holder too. We also carry manual recliners if you want to push back instead. If you want to rock back and forth or adjust the direction of your seating, consider a rocker recliner or swivel recliner. Additionally, if you love a daily massage, add a massage recliner with different massage programs.

Next, we will go over different fabrics for you to choose from for your new recliner. For an elegant look, you’ll want a delicate fabric like polyester. For a real leather look and feel at a lesser price, consider adding a recliner upholstered in performance fabric, which is also easy to clean. Additionally, microfiber is soft to the touch and durable as well.

Furthermore, pick out the style of the recliner. Make sure you keep in mind what pieces you currently have in your living room or bedroom. Our contemporary and modern recliners are simply designed with tufted accents and neutral tones for a clean look that will fit in your home. More traditional recliners have a classic look with warm brown tones instead.

With our selection above, you can find your favorite recliner!