Coffee Tables

Coffee tables. Discover the centerpiece of your living room by picking out one of our stunning coffee tables.
Coffee Tables

Can't decide what coffee table you should get for your living room? We can help! Take a look at a few of our frequently asked questions before you get started on your shopping journey.
Are coffee tables necessary?
A coffee table is an essential part of your living room. It’s where you can put down your drinks, appetizers, reading material, and most importantly, it ties together the layout of your seating area.
Do coffee tables have to match your living room furniture?
Not necessarily. Just make sure the coffee table is at least similar in style or color to the rest of your living room furniture, so it coordinates on some level.
Does the coffee table have to be centered?
Typically yes. Most layouts will require your coffee table to be placed in front of your sofa to create a focal point and balance the space in the seating area. However, you might have to play around with some awkward corners if you have a peculiar living room placement. If that's your case, you can try adding nesting tables or experimenting with different shapes and positions.
How much should be space between a coffee table and the couch?
Your coffee table should be about twelve to eighteen inches from your sofa, ensuring there isn’t too little or too much space between them. That way you can easily access your drinks and accessories on top, or use it as a footrest.
Can a coffee table be higher than your sofa?
The short answer is no. It’s generally recommended that the coffee table is at the same height as your sofa’s cushions or a few inches lower. A coffee table that’s too tall will look awkward in your living room, disrupt the balance of the focal point, and potentially block the view from your television. Also, we don't recommend a table that is wider than your sofa because it will look out of scale.
What kind of coffee table should I get?
We recommend keeping in mind the size, shape, style, color, and storage, so you can find one that fits the layout of your living room. If you have a compact space, we recommend you get an ottoman or a nesting coffee table. Do you have a large couch? Then maybe you should pick a rectangular coffee table with plenty of surface space. You can also play around with modern and unconventional designs, after all, it will be a focal point in your living room. Check out the very diverse selection we have available for you on this page to find the best fit for your home.