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TV stands. Finish your entertainment center by choosing your favorite TV stand from our selection below.
TV Stands

Are you ready to get a beautiful TV stand for your living room? Before picking your favorite option, check out some frequently asked questions about TV stands that can help you decide.
What is the purpose of a TV stand?
A TV stand is designed to support your television system with storage options for consoles, cords, and decorative pieces. TV stands can be the first step in creating your very own entertainment center by keeping your movies, video-game consoles, and board games in a convenient location.
Should you wall-mount the TV or put it on a stand?
That is for you to decide. The easiest option is placing the TV on top of the stand. However, consider wall-mounting your TV if you need more space to display something on your stand.
Can a TV stand be smaller than a television?
No, you should always keep a few inches on each side of the base of the TV to add some breathing room to your stand and keep the layout organized.
How tall should the TV stand be?
A TV stand should have the screen at eye level, so you aren’t straining your neck in an uncomfortable position. That means the appropriate measurements also depend on the height of your sofa or recliners.
How to decorate a TV stand?
First, find a place for your consoles, remotes, and cords of the TV stand using the shelves, open media compartments, and drawers. If you want to add some personality to your decoration, pick a few of your favorite accessories, like flower arrangements and trays. Just make sure your new TV table stand has a clean and organized look in the end.
How do you pick the best TV stand for your home?
Keep in mind the style, dimensions, and storage of the TV stands you want to buy. Consider the space available in your living room to accommodate the TV stand to pick the right length and height. Do you need an open display? What about wire management cutouts to organize your cables? Do you want drawers and cabinets for storage? Some of our TV stand designs also have a LED fireplace to add an elegant presence to your living room and warmth on cold days.