Futons, Sleepers & Daybeds

Futons Sleepers and Daybeds. Dedicate a sleeping area for your house guests with a sleeper, daybed, or futon.
Futons, Sleepers & Daybeds

Looking for something comfortable and versatile that can help you save space? We have many choices of futons, sleepers, and daybeds to choose from. But before making a decision take a look at some frequently asked questions to better understand the difference between these pieces.
Why should you buy a futon, sleeper, or daybed for your bedroom?
If you live in a small place like a studio or an apartment, these versatile pieces can really help you conserve space by doubling down as seating during the day, and bed at night. Having a futon, sleeper, or daybed in your bedroom or guest room is also essential to accommodate your guests when they come over for a visit and sleepover.
What is the difference between futons, sleepers, and daybeds?
Although they essentially serve the same purpose, the main difference between these pieces is how they were designed to transform from upright seating to a bed. To use a sleeper sofa, you need to unfold or slide the bottom part in order to lie down comfortably. A futon has a more simple arrangement since it uses the same cushions as your sofa to change the setting to the bed. If you want an option that doesn't require any transformation, a daybed might be a perfect choice, they can also come with trundle options to accommodate even more people.
What should you consider before buying futons, sleepers, and daybeds?
Since they are space-saving furniture, you should consider size, fabric, design, and style before deciding which one to take home. Think about what layout works best for your home and get something that can blend in with your bedroom style. We have a wide selection of futons, sleepers, and daybeds for you to browse, so take a look at this section and pick your favorite option.