Twin Beds

twin beds - complete your kids bedroom with a twin bed they've been dreaming about.
Twin Beds

We all know how important a good night of sleep is for the development of your kids, that's why we have a fantastic selection of twin-size beds that unifies style, comfort, and functionality. Take a look at some frequently asked questions to help guide your choice through this section.
What is a twin-size bed?
A twin bed, also known single-size bed, has 38” in width and 75” in length. It's made to accommodate a single sleeper that doesn't require much space.
What is the difference between a twin bed and a twin XL?
A twin XL has an additional 5" in length and is more commonly used with a power base. Two twin XL mattresses can fit together in king size bed frame to accommodate you and a partner, individually catering to your preferred comfort settings.
Who should be shopping for a twin-size bed?
This size bed is perfect for kids and teens, but it can also be used by a young adult that might need a more compact design for a small apartment, studio, or college dorm.
How can you choose the ideal twin bed?
It's important to think about measurements, style, frame, and if you need others features like a USB port, LED lighting, or storage. If you are choosing a bed for your kid consider adopting a creative way to spark their imagination with a race car bed. For a teen consider a bookcase bed so they can have more space to organize their school work. If you prefer a more sophisticated look or sleek design, get a modern panel or platform twin bed. Check our selection of twin bed options to find the best fit to accommodate you and your family.