High Dining

High Dining. Design a dining area in your kitchen or bar with a high dining set.
High Dining

Are you looking to upgrade your dining area with a stylish and distinct design? Then you should consider getting a High Dining set. But before choosing which option to take home, let's go over a few frequently asked questions that can help you decide.
What do we mean by "High Dining"?
With a casual, effortless design, a high dining table set falls between traditional dining and a pub set, matching a standard kitchen counter height. This design is also more durable than a regular dining table because it's out of reach for pets and small children. A high dining set also adds a unique look to your dining area and can provide additional counter space, just like a kitchen island.
How many chairs should be around a counter table?
It depends on big your table is. We have sets perfect for small spaces, featuring a compact table and two chairs, and options for big dining rooms that can accommodate up to eight guests. Each of our high-dining sets mentions how many people can sit around the table.
Should you get a high dining set or a traditional dining set?
While traditional dining is the most popular option, a high dining set can be a stylish and functional addition to your home. Before making a decision, think about your household dynamic. Do you have children that need to safely reach the table? Do you live with older people that might need a more comfortable and accommodating seating arrangement? If your answer is yes, a regular dining set might be the best pick. Otherwise, having a high dining set has lots of advantages: It can double down as a bar, an extra counter space, and even serve as a working area for an improvised home office. You don't have to sit around when snacking from the counter-high table, or hosting a house gathering for your friends.
What should you consider when buying a high dining set?
The first thing you should think about is the space you have available in your dining area to determine the perfect high dining set size. The material is also really important because it can determine the style, durability, and functionality of your high dining set. You should also consider if you need extra storage space on the table, a backrest for your stool, or a built-in footrest. Some sets come with USB ports so you can charge your electronic devices. If you want a modern high dining set, we recommend a round design with a glass top and polished metal legs. For a coastal or farmhouse touch, a wooden rectangle table with a distressed pattern would be a good choice for your dining area. If you are in the market for a traditional high dining set, we have classic designs in dark wood with carved accents that will add an elegant presence to your home. Look at our selection of high dining sets and choose the best option for your space.