High Dining

High dining. Redesign your kitchen or bar area with a high dining set. Find your high dining set below.
High Dining

Welcome to our high dining category where you can find your favorite counter height dining set! Let’s answer some questions you might have.

What is a counter height dining set?

A high dining table set is in between a traditional dining set and a pub set. That means a counter height dining set is a standard kitchen counter height, allowing you to add it to your dining room or kitchen for a casual feel. It’s also a great size for small spaces.

What is a counter height dining table?

A counter height table creates a more casual dining space than a standard dining table does, adding a unique look to your kitchen or dining room.

Is counter height the same as table height?

No, counter height tables are taller than dining tables, measuring around thirty-three to thirty-six inches high. This makes sense considering this type of table is supposed to be counter height, about the same height as your island or kitchen counter!

How many chairs should be around a counter table?

When you’re exploring our selection of high top dining sets, you’ll notice that four chairs or stools are included with the set. Each counter height table set’s features also mention how many you can seat around the table, such as “Maximum number of stools 4”

How do you measure counter height?

You don’t have to worry about this part! Our selection of high dining sets has the measurements included for you with the height, width, and depth in the product’s features. From here, you can decide which counter height table set will fit best in your home.

Which counter height dining set?

This is up to you to decide! Consider the high dining set’s size, style, and materials so you can pick out a set that will work in your kitchen or dining room.

Now that we have answered some great questions you had, we’re excited to see which counter high dining table set you pick out, whether it’s a 5 piece counter height dining set, round counter height dining set, or black counter height dining set!