Ottomans & Benches

Ottoman and Benches. Add extra seating and style to your living room with our beautiful selection of ottomans and benches.
Ottomans & Benches

Style meets functionality. Ottomans and benches bring the best of both worlds into your living room, but if you can't decide which one to get, take a look at these helpful Q&As.
Why should you get an Ottoman?
Ottomans are really versatile. You can use them to provide extra seating for your guests and as a footrest when you are relaxing in the chair. You can also turn them into a coffee table to place your cocktails, or even as a storage space for your accessories and essentials. No matter what you decide to do with them, ottomans are a fantastic addition to any living room as they can accentuate a boring corner or add a touch of coziness to your space.
Are benches just for seating?
Just like ottomans, benches can be used for many different purposes. They can be placed by the end of your bed to accommodate pillows, throw blankets or simply complement the style of your room. Benches can also provide extra storage for your seating area or even stand by your entryway as a welcoming sight for your guests. The best part is how they can provide seating for more than one person at a time and have a compact design to replace dining chairs in small spaces.
What height should your ottoman and bench be?
Since your ottoman is going to serve as a footrest or coffee table in your living room, it should be at least an inch lower than the seating cushion level of your sofa or chair. After all, your feet need to be in a comfortable position, not too high and not too low.
With the bench, it depends on where you intend to use it. If they are replacing your dining room chairs, the height of the table needs to be considered. As far as end-of-bed benches go, the scale needs to match the proportions of your bed in both length and height. It's fine if the bench is a little smaller, but it should never be too big, or the layout might seem awkward.
What style of Ottoman should you get for your living room?
The first thing you need to consider is purpose and placement. Do you need storage? is your ottoman going to become a coffee table or just cozy seating? Is it for a reading corner, or to complement the layout in front of your sofa? After you answer these questions, you can start thinking about size, style, and color. Keep in mind your ottoman doesn't need to match the colors of your living room entirely. It can be also used as an accent piece and create a focal point, so you can play with different shapes, textures, and color patterns. Take a look at our amazing selection of ottomans and benches and choose the best pick for your home layout.