Accent Pillows & Throws

Accent Pillows
Accent Pillows & Throws

Accent pillows can be exactly what you need to complete the layout of a room or add a colorful presence to your sitting area. Before deciding which accent pillow you want to take home, take a look at a few frequently asked questions to guide your shopping process.
What is the purpose of accent pillows?
If you want to spruce up a room, harmonize your space, or add a pop of color to your seating area, an accent pillow is the perfect decoration piece for the job. They can be placed on your sofa, accent chair, recliner, bed, bench, or any upholstered furniture and have the power to make any space seem more cozy and charming.
How to use accent pillows?
Accent pillows can have different purposes depending on style, fabric, and placement. You might place them in a seating area to style your sofa or accent chair or use them to add more comfort to a reading corner. Decorative details such as rhinestones, faux pearls, or beads can make your furniture arrangement stand out more, but they are not ideal for a comfortable setting. A big, fluffy accent pillow can provide the perfect back or head support for a cozy afternoon of reading.
How to mix and match accent pillows?
Your pillows don’t necessarily have to match, and you can place a couple of different colors or designs together. Just make sure they share a common element (it could be a color, pattern, or style) to create a nice visual unity in your layout. You can also consider pairing the pillows with other furniture pieces or decorations in the room, like your couch or area rug.
Can you wash pillow covers?
We recommend that you always check the fabric material and watch out for decorative beads, but if you want to wash your pillow cover, don’t put it in the dryer. We recommend hanging the covers up to dry.
How can you choose the right accent pillows?
The first things you should consider are purpose and placement. Are you getting a small decorative pillow for your bed or a big comfy cushion to add comfort to your sofa? Next, you should consider style, size, and colors. Ask yourself if you plan on layering several accent pieces together or if they match your layout. Take a look at our wide selection of accent pillows to find the perfect fit for your home.