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Accent Pillows
Accent Pillows & Throws

Welcome to our accent pillows category! Before you start your shopping journey, we’d love to answer a few frequently asked questions for you.What is the purpose of accent pillows?Accent pillows are often used to tie together the color theme of a room or to add a new pop of color! They can be placed on your sofa, accent chair, recliner, bed, or any upholstered furniture, and they’re cozy for you to sit back on.How to use accent pillows?Now you have to decide what you are getting throw pillows for. You might add them to your sofa to make its style stand out more, or maybe you just need extra comfort because your accent chair isn’t padded enough on its own. Pay attention to the different fabrics and fillings to determine the right pillows for your home.How to mix and match accent pillows?Your throw pillows definitely don’t have to match. You can pair a couple of different colors or designs together. For example, consider the colors from other pieces in a room such as a rug, bedding, and wall color. This helps you mix two or three colors or patterns together, so the design and style of the room won’t clash.Can you wash pillow covers?If you see one of our pillows with the feature, “hidden zipper” or “side zipper”, yes, you can take the pillow cover off and wash it. After you wash the cover, don’t put it in the dryer. We recommend hanging it up to dry.How to arrange accent pillows on a bed?First keep in mind that the smaller the bed is, the fewer accent pillows you need. If you have a king bed, you’ll want more throw pillows than you would for a full size bed.
For example, you can prop up to five accent pillows in front of your king bed’s sleeping pillows, and it will look in proportion to the bed size. A full or queen bed only needs three to four accent pillows, which you can also place in front of your sleeping pillows for a unified look.
A twin-size bed really only needs two accent pillows, which you can prop up in front of your child or teen’s sleeping pillow.How to choose accent pillows?This is based on your preference for style, size, and colors! Our wide selection allows you to find the best accent pillows, whether you’re looking for outdoor accent pillows, black accent pillows, or accent pillows for bed.
Now that we have answered some of your questions, we wish you the best of luck as you find the best throw pillows.