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Area Rugs

Are you searching for the perfect area rug to complete the look of a room? We have several options available for you. But first, we want to help you navigate the area rug catalog by answering a few frequently asked questions.
What is the purpose of area rugs?
Area rugs are both practical and stylish. An area rug helps you tie a room together, adds warmth to a space, and complements the look of your interiors. They’re also responsible for creating a division between different areas of your home, keeping your living room and dining room separate. Area rugs also provide a comfortable surface for your feet and can prevent your floors from getting scratched.
Should area rugs match each other?
They don’t need to match. You can mix and layer different area rugs, especially if you have a big room and want to divide the area with two different rugs. Just make sure they at least share one common component by color or pattern. Area rugs can also be used to match your wallpaper, furniture pieces, and decorations in a room.
Does the area rug need to be centered?
The area rug doesn’t necessarily have to be in the middle of the room, but you should center the rug with your furniture. You can center the rug with your coffee or dining table. If you have a focal point like a TV stand or sofa, try to have your rug centered in front of it.
What material is the best for an area rug?
While not one area rug material is best, there are a few that you can keep in mind. Wool is the most common fabric used for rugs, and it’s known for its durability and softness. Synthetic rugs are made of fibers like nylon, polypropylene, and viscose. They’re easy to clean and family-friendly, making them perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. Polyester rugs are also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. If you’re looking for area rugs that are generally easy to clean, keep an eye out for outdoor, medium, and low-pile designs. Shaggy rugs are a cozy treat for your feet and can bring elegance and texture to any room.
Now, how do you clean area rugs?
The specifications on how to clean an area rug depend a lot on the material. We will share a few general instructions to keep in mind, but if your rug’s tag is provided with specific instructions, make sure to follow those.
1. Spot clean spills as soon as possible to avoid permanent stains.
2. Routinely vacuum your rug on both sides to remove dirt and dust.
3. Use a soft brush to apply safe carpet shampoo and rinse.
Are rug pads necessary?
Once you pick out your new area rugs, we recommend pairing them with rug pads. They protect your floor and keep your mat safely in place with a non-slip grip material. Plus, if you have a heavy piece of furniture on top of your rug, the pad prevents the floor from getting damaged. Just make sure to pay attention to the measurements when picking your rug pad.