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Sideboards, Servers & China Cabinets

Welcome to our sideboards, servers, buffets, and cabinets category! Before you pick out your favorite piece, let’s get some of your questions answered.
What are sideboards used for?
A sideboard is a piece of furniture that’s traditionally used in your dining room for serving food and storage space for dining essentials such as silverware, plates, and wine bottles and glasses.
What is the difference between a buffet and a sideboard?
Buffets and sideboards are virtually the same! Their names are used interchangeably, and they both serve as great storage furniture in your dining room.
How tall are sideboards?
There isn’t a standard height for sideboards, but when you’re considering your options, make sure the dining room sideboard you choose is the same height as your dining table or just a few inches taller. This ensures the size of the furniture in your dining room is all similar.
Can a sideboard be used as a TV stand?
Yes, a dining room sideboard is versatile for many different uses. You can place a TV on top of a sideboard and use the storage inside for living room essentials.
What are credenzas used for?
A cabinet is also a storage piece of furniture that can be used in your dining room!
How big should a credenza be?
When you’re looking at our selection of storage credenzas, make sure you pay attention to the dimensions so you can determine the best size for your dining room.
Can a credenza be used as a dresser?
Yes, it sure can. A credenza usually has shelves and drawers included, perfect for storing your clothing, pillows, and blankets!
Do you need a buffet table?
Buffet tables are a useful addition to your dining room. There’s always storage available and some buffets even come with wine bottle racks and silverware trays for your convenience.
How do you style a dining room buffet?
Once you’ve picked out your favorite buffet, you can decorate it with a few decorative accessories on top and even hang up your favorite wall art behind it for the finishing touch!
Can you put a buffet in a living room?
Yes, the size of a dining room buffet can fit in almost any spot in your home. You can add a buffet to your living room as both a statement and storage piece.
How do I choose a sideboard, buffet, or cabinet?
This is up to you to decide! When you’re narrowing down your options, consider the piece’s size, style, and storage space. These factors will help you make your decision.
Now that we have answered some important questions, we’re excited for you to pick out your favorite dining room buffet, storage credenza, or dining room sideboard!