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Sideboards, Servers & China Cabinets

Are you looking for a dining room piece that is functional, stylish, and multipurpose? Look no further! We have a wide variety of sideboards, buffets, credenzas, and cabinets to choose from. Before making a decision, check out some frequently asked questions to bring some insight while navigating this section.
What are sideboards used for?
A sideboard is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used in your living room to display your accessories, vases, and candleholders or in a dining room for serving food and storage for silverware, plates, wine bottles, and glasses. Because they are multifunctional and come in many different styles, some people also like to use sideboards in their entryway, home office, and reading corner.
What is the difference between a buffet and a sideboard
Buffets and sideboards are virtually the same. Their names are used interchangeably, and they both serve for storage purposes. The only difference might be that buffets are more commonly associated with the dining room, while sideboards are also used in the living room.
How tall are sideboards?
There isn’t a standard height for sideboards, but when considering your options, make sure the piece you choose is the same height as your dining table or just a few inches taller.
Can a sideboard be used as a TV stand?
Yes, a dining room sideboard can be used as a TV stand while serving as storage for living room essentials.
What are credenzas used for?
A credenza is also a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be used in your dining room, living room, hallway, home office, or whichever corner requires some extra storage or surface area.
How do I choose a sideboard, buffet, or cabinet?
When you’re narrowing down your options, consider the size, material, style, and storage space. It's always a good idea to measure the available space in your dining area to make sure your sideboard is a perfect fit. Think about what you need to store and if you need felt-lined drawers for silverware, modular shelves, or a wine rack.