Bars. Get your home ready for happy hour with our selection of bars.

What better way of hosting your friends than having your own home bar? Celebrating milestones, special occasions, and holidays with your loved ones is one of the best joys in life. But before deciding your favorite option, check out some frequently asked questions that we prepared to help you choose the perfect home bar for your space.
Why should you get a home bar?
A home bar is an easy and convenient way to entertain your friends and family for happy hour, parties, and other occasions without leaving the comfort of your home. A home bar is also a great way to store your bottles, glasses, and mixers without taking up extra space in your kitchen cabinets or dining room sideboard.
What items are a must-have for your home bar?
Your home bar should have a place for everything you need to mix and serve your favorite drinks. That includes your wine glasses and bottles, mixers, a variety of liquor bottles and cocktail glasses, bottle opener, shaker, ice, garnishes like lemon and lime, and more. You can display some of these items on trays for an organized look or pair them with a bar cart to best serve your guests across the room.
Are bar carts still in?
Yes, bar carts are still a popular choice for your home, thanks to their convenience and size. They’re a great alternative to bar cabinets as they’re smaller and allow you to make cocktails in any area of your home and move anywhere with their built-in wheels.
What goes on the bar cart?
Because space is limited, only absolute essentials can fit on a bar cart. Tools like an ice bucket, bottle opener, shaker, a few different liquor options, mixers, and cocktail and wine glasses are all you need. Consider organizing them on the bar cart’s shelves and add trays to conveniently serve your guests.
Can I still have a home bar if my space is too small?
Yes! We have lots of space-saving home bar options for your small place. Wall bars can be hung anywhere in the room of your choice and have a mirror to help you maximize your space and make your bottle collection seem bigger. Corner bars can also adjust to that unused area of your room, adding an elegant and welcoming presence by mostly using vertical space.