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Welcome to our fireplaces category! Before you start shopping, we would love to answer a few of your questions.
Purpose of electric fireplace?
An electric fireplace is an easy and efficient way to warm up a room in your home quickly without any smoke and little maintenance involved.
Because there is no chimney, anyone can add a free standing electric fireplace to their space, whether you’re living in a home, apartment, or studio.
Besides warming up the room, a faux fireplace also brings ambiance and a beautiful style to your décor. That’s because it’s conveniently designed to be used with or without heat so a fireplace can complement your home for any time of the year.
How to turn on electric fireplace?
All you have to do is plug it in and use the included remote or dock to start enjoying your new electric fireplace!
Some of the settings allow you to adjust the brightness, flame colors, temperature, and more to match your style or mood as you sit back and relax.
Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?
Since the fireplace is only warming up a single room, it actually saves you money compared to heating up your entire home with your air conditioning’s heater. That means this type of fireplace is actually energy efficient, so even if you leave it on all day, it won’t be expensive for your electricity bill!
Can an electric fireplace be used as a TV stand?
Yes! You can turn your fireplace into an electric fireplace TV stand because there are usually shelves or drawers that are perfect for storage of your remotes and consoles, and you can place your TV on top of the fireplace or mount it, so you have a complete entertainment center in your living room.
How to decorate electric fireplace?
Depending on the type of fireplace you have your eyes on, there are probably shelves and drawers included. Inside the drawers or doors, you can store essentials, and if there’s any open display space, this is the perfect opportunity for you to display your favorite accessories or books!
How to assemble electric fireplace?
With our delivery and pick-up services, we can assemble your faux electric fireplace for you so you don’t even have to worry!
How to choose electric fireplace?
This is where you need to pay attention to the dimensions, style, and colors of the fireplaces you have in mind. Just make sure the fireplace you want is similar to the size and style of your home so it can blend in beautifully and not clash.
Now that we have answered a few questions, we can’t wait for you to find the best electric fireplace!