Fireplaces. Warm up your home with our modern selection of fireplaces. Pick yours out below.

When you want to bring warmth to your living room, a faux fireplace is exactly what you are looking for. With our wide selection of electric fireplaces, you can create a cozy feeling in your home.
Before you choose your new fireplace, you must determine what size and type is best for you. If you have a big living room with dedicated space to a fireplace, you can select a large one. In a small living room or a studio apartment, you will want to pick a small electric fireplace instead. Next, you can decide which type is best. You can use one of our pieces as a fireplace TV stand with enough space to place or mount your television with speakers included. If storage is on your mind, pick out a faux fireplace that comes with drawers and doors. Additionally, we have a fireplace that you can hang on your wall. If you are just concerned about adding warmth, you can pick any one of our electric fireplaces, which you can enjoy without heat as well.
Now that you have chosen the size and type of fireplace you want, you will need to think about style. An electric fireplace is a piece that can set the tone and focal point of the room, so make sure to choose wisely. If you want to create a stylish modern or contemporary look, a faux fireplace made of glossy wood, marble, or mirrored glass will be your favorite. For a cozy rustic feeling, add a wood fireplace in warm brown. With a classic look on your mind instead, a traditional fireplace with rich wood tones and intricate metal accents is what you will love.
With plenty of options to choose from, you can choose your new faux fireplace above!