Chairs & Accent Chairs

Chairs. Complete your bedroom or living room's look with a gorgeous accent chair.
Chairs & Accent Chairs

Welcome to our accent chairs category! Before you choose the best accent chair, we’re going to make your shopping trip easier by answering frequently asked questions.What are accent chairs used for?Accent chairs, also known as occasional chairs, are designed to be placed in your living room. They’re used for a few different purposes, whether it’s to create a reading corner, bring a pop of color, balance your décor, or add more seating.
An accent chair is also versatile for virtually any room in your home, as a dining chair in your dining room, an office chair in your home office, or for seating in your entryway or bedroom.Should accent chairs be same height as sofa?Accent chairs don’t have to be the exact same height as your sofa but at least four inches within each other so the furniture in your living room is set to the same scale. You can check out the dimensions of each accent chair conveniently by viewing our selection. It will look like 30" W x 40" D x 47" HHow do you arrange accent chairs?If you’re creating a reading corner, you can add an accent chair to a corner of your living room, bedroom, or home office.
When your chair is going to be unified with the rest of the living room, you can place it across from a sofa or loveseat or next to a side table for easy access.How to choose accent chair color?Think about your living room décor and decide if you would rather have a color that stands out as a focal point or a color that blends in with your existing color scheme. From here, you can decide the best color for your new accent chair.Do accent chairs have to match sofa?No, an accent chair doesn’t have to match your living room furniture because you might want it to stand out and make a bold statement. A new accent chair can add a beautiful contrast to your living room!What is the best accent chair?This is your decision! Think about the size, color, and style of the accent chair, so you can pick out a chair that doesn’t clash with your room’s design or overcrowd it.
Now that we have gotten you started on your shopping journey, we’re excited to see which accent chair you pick out whether it’s a white accent chair, a high back accent chair, or an accent chair with ottoman!