Bedding Accessories & More

Bedding Accessories & More

Welcome to our bedding accessories category! Before you select the best accessories for your bed, let us help you make the process easier by answering your frequently asked questions.

What are bed accessories?

Bedding accessories such as mattress protectors, throw blankets, comforter sets, pillows, and Bunkie boards add the finishing touches to your bed, so you can have everything you need when it’s time to go to sleep.

Are mattress protectors necessary?

One crucial mattress accessory is a mattress protector. It protects your mattress against spills, moisture, allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. A mattress protector is also usually breathable and waterproof, keeping you cool while you sleep!

Which pillow is the best?

Getting a sleep pillow is just as essential as getting the right mattress. When you’re looking at our selection of mattress accessories, keep in mind your sleeping position, special features, and materials, so you can get a pillow that’s perfect for a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.

What are Bunkie boards used for?

A Bunkie board is included in our bedding accessories category, and it is usually a piece of strong plywood that is used under your mattress. And if you have a memory foam mattress, a Bunkie board provides the best support.

What is included in a comforter set or duvet set?

When you’re looking through our mattress accessories category, and you’ve found a comforter or duvet set that you love, you can see what’s included by looking at the features. A couple of examples are “Includes comforter, 2 shams, and round pillow” and “Includes duvet cover and 2 shams.”

How to use a throw blanket?

After you’ve gotten your duvet cover set or comforter set, you can finish your bedding with a throw blanket. It’s a beautiful decorative blanket that looks great at the end of your bed, and you can also use it as an extra layer of warmth when you’re cold.

Now that we have answered some important questions, we can’t wait to see which mattress accessories you get!