Outdoor Accent Tables

Outdoor Accent Tables
Outdoor Accent Tables

Before finding your favorite table, let's go over a few questions you might have for us.
Why should you get an outdoor accent table?
If you're looking for a piece to accentuate your outdoor sofa or chair without taking up much space, a compact outdoor side table is a perfect choice. If you want a bigger design, an outdoor coffee table is a great option, giving you enough space to entertain your guests with beverages and appetizers, while also creating a nice focal point to tie your patio space together.
How tall are patio tables?
Since the height of an outdoor accent table might vary, we recommend paying attention to the dimensions of your chosen piece to make sure you don’t buy something that’s too big or too small for your patio or balcony.
Can an outdoor table be used inside?
Our accent tables are made with materials that can withstand outdoor elements, so they can be a beautiful and durable addition to your indoor environment as well.
How should you decorate an outdoor coffee table?
If you’re going to be entertaining, adding a tray on top of your coffee table is perfect for cocktails or coffee. To set the ambiance, you can also place candles, your favorite decorative accessories, or small plants for a more natural look.
How should you decorate an outdoor side table?
Because side tables are smaller than coffee tables, there isn’t a lot of space to decorate. To add a cozy touch, you can keep a beverage and coaster on top, or your favorite reading material for a relaxing afternoon.
How to choose the right outdoor accent table?
It's important to consider the size of your patio and what your outdoor living area might be missing. The style of your accent table can be used to make a statement and spruce up the look of your space, but it shouldn't clash too much with your other outdoor furniture. Take a look at our diverse catalog to find the outdoor accent table that's perfect for your home decor.