Vases, Trays & Bowls

Vases, Trays & Bowls
Vases, Trays & Bowls

Welcome to our vases, trays, and bowls category! Let us help you make your shopping process effortless by answering a few frequently asked questions.
Purpose of vases, trays, bowls?
A vase, tray, or bowl is an easy way to add decorations to your home, whether they’re used as a centerpiece for your dining table, on a console table by your entryway, on a bookcase, or in your living room on a side or coffee table.
What to put on decorative trays?
You can let a tray’s design stand out on its own, or you can add a few of your accessories on top. It can also be used as a serving tray, perfect for bringing appetizers and snacks to your family and friends in your living room.
How to display decorative bowls?
You can add an accent bowl to the center of your dining table, coffee table, or console table. Once you place it down, you can place decorative pieces inside for the finishing touch such as accessories or faux fruit and vegetables.
How to fill a decorative vase?
A vase’s design can make an impression right away but if you want to fill it with something, you can add artificial or real flowers to add a touch of nature to any area of your home.
How to choose tray, bowl, or vase?
Vases are easy decorative pieces to add to your home, and they’re usually used to hold flowers. Whether you’re looking for ceramic vases or glass vases, there’s plenty for you to choose from.
Trays have a few different uses. They’re decorative, act as a serving tray, and they also help to eliminate clutter by grouping a few items together for storage purposes.
Decorative bowls are both decorative and functional. You can add a bowl to your home for style and a pop of color or maybe you need somewhere to place your keys, jewelry, and other essential items!
What items can be combined with a bowl, vase, or tray?
A vase, bowl, or tray can be combined with almost any furniture or accent piece in your home. Just make sure you choose a piece that has similar colors to your rug, wall art, accent chair, or sofa so you can have a consistent color theme for each room.
Now that we have helped you answer a few questions about vases, trays, and bowls, we can’t wait for you to explore our wide selection!