Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Welcome to El Dorado Furniture’s category for floor lamps! Before you make a purchase, let us help you answer a few frequently asked questions to make your shopping experience even easier.

What are you using the floor lamp for?

A floor lamp has multiple purposes, whether you’re using it to enhance the ambiance, as a primary light source to brighten a room, or to just add the finishing touch to the style of any space.

Your answer to this question will help you narrow your search.

How does this influence your purchase?

A floor lamp with low lumen or watts will not meet your needs if your purpose is to use it as light source in a room with no light fixture. But if you want a floor lamp for decorative purposes instead of a significant source of light, it doesn’t have to be very bright.

What floor lamp is the brightest?

Look for floor lamps that have LED lights. LED floor lamps will be brighter than lamps with halogen or incandescent bulbs, helping you add a primary light source to any room.

Are the bulbs dimmable?

Having a floor lamp with dimmer is always useful. You can decide how bright or dim you want the room to be. Check the features of the lamp you are looking at to see if there are dimmable options. This will be categorized as something like a dimmer switch or a three-way touch dimmer.

Can the bulbs be replaced or are they integrated?

Check to see if the floor standing lamp you are interested in has the bulbs integrated or not. If they can be removed, you can replace them with a brighter or dimmer bulb depending on your preference.

How tall are floor lamps?

The typical height range for a floor lamp is between fifty-eight to sixty-four inches but we have tall floor lamps if you want to make a grand statement in your home. And there are some adjustable floor lamps that allow you to adjust the height to fit your room best.

Just keep in mind that in general, the lamp shade should not be below or above the eye level of a seated person. And pay attention to the height of your ceiling so it’s not too tall or too short. This is important because high lamps might look out of proportion with low ceilings while the same can be said when a low lamp looks disproportionate in a room with a high ceiling.

Where should I place a floor lamp?

This is determined by where you want the lamp to be. It can go in a corner of the room, next to a sofa/bed, or behind a seating area, depending on how much light you need. Just don’t place a floor lamp in an inconvenient area that makes it hard to walk around it.

Which is best floor lamp?

This is for you to determine! Our wide selection offers a variety of styles and designs, whether you’re looking for modern floor lamps, tripod floor lamps, arch floor lamps, or tall floor lamps.

Now that we have given you some guidance, we wish you the best of luck as you choose your new floor lamp.