Twin Mattresses

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Twin Mattresses

Are you looking for your next twin mattress upgrade? Before starting your shopping process, check out a few answered questions that customers usually have about this section.
What is the size of a twin mattress?
A twin bed mattress measures approximately thirty-eight inches wide and seventy-five inches long, making it perfect for a kid or a single adult. Remember to measure your bed frame beforehand and compare it with the dimensions listed on the mattress of your choice to ensure a perfect match.
What is a Twin XL mattress?
We recommend getting a twin XL mattress if you are looking for a twin size with the same width but five inches longer. This mattress size is popular for dorm students or adults in small guest rooms. Some people also prefer buying two twin XL mattresses for their King-size Frame because they are easier to transport. Two twin XL mattresses can also allow couples with different sleep preferences to adjust their own side accordingly.
Are twin and single mattresses the same size?
Yes, single and twin-size mattresses are two terms that mean the same thing.
Can a twin mattress fit on a full frame?
No, a twin mattress it’s not as wide as a Full Bed Frame. Make sure to match your new twin-size mattress to its correct frame so you can be comfortably accommodated in your bed.
Can any twin mattress go on an adjustable base?
Not always. Check the features of your preferred twin mattress to make sure that it's compatible with an Adjustable Bed base.
How can you choose the perfect twin mattress?
When choosing the ideal mattress match, first consider your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, your body will be best supported with a firm mattress because it keeps your spine aligned. For side sleepers, we recommend sinking into a plush twin mattress to avoid putting too much pressure on your shoulders. If you sleep mostly in your stomach, a soft comfort level can provide the right cushion for your back. Next, focus on the type of construction you prefer for your mattress. If you like a bouncy traditional feel that makes it easy to adjust your body throughout the night, an innerspring mattress is your best choice. A memory foam mattress conforms to your body shape, distributing your weight evenly, and providing pressure relief. If you want the best of both worlds, choose a twin hybrid mattress for your bed. For more information on how to choose the perfect match, check out our Mattress Guide.