Power Adjustable Beds

Power Adjustable Beds

Welcome to our adjustable beds category! Before you find your favorite adjustable base, we’re going to make your shopping process smoother by answering some frequently asked questions.

Are adjustable bases worth it?

Yes, an adjustable bed can drastically change the way you sleep, for the better. You can say goodbye to snoring, back pain, and stress and say hello to falling asleep faster, relaxing with a massage, and improving your blood circulation, acid reflux, and arthritis pain.

Are adjustable bases good for side sleepers?

Yes, adjustable beds are good for every sleeper! If you are a side sleeper, you’ll see that an adjustable bed base elevates your body into a more comfortable position, so there’s less pressure on your shoulders, neck, and hips so you don’t wake up sore.

Can an adjustable base be used with any mattress?

No. it depends on the type of mattress you are looking at. When you’re exploring our selection, check out the product’s features for “Powered base compatible.” This means you can go ahead and pair your mattress with one of our adjustable bed bases.

Do adjustable bases ruin mattresses?

As long as your mattress is compatible with an adjustable base like we just mentioned, it will not ruin your mattress.

Do adjustable bases work with any bed frame?

Yes, any bed frame should allow space for an adjustable bed inside.

How to use adjustable base?

Our selection of adjustable beds all come with wireless remotes for you to use conveniently, with some of them compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

This is how you can adjust your preset positions, start a massage, turn on the anti-snore button, take advantage of the zero-gravity preset, and much more!

Now that we have helped you by answering some great questions, we’re excited for you to find the best adjustable bed.