Console Tables

Console tables. Rethink the style of your entryway with one of our beautiful console tables. Find your favorite piece below.
Console Tables

Welcome to our console tables category! Before you start exploring our selection, we’d love to answer a few frequently asked questions.
What is console table used for?
Console tables, also known as sofa tables, are extremely versatile. You can use a console table as an entryway table, desk, TV stand, bookcase, behind sofa table, vanity, or even a bar cart!
So, can a console table be used as a desk?
Yes. Using a console table as a desk helps you save space because it’s sleek and narrow in design. You can add it to your existing home office or if space is limited, you can create a corner for your console table desk in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.
What is a sofa table?
A sofa table or behind the couch table is used behind your sofa! They’re placed behind couches to add style, bring extra storage, and create display space for your favorite accessories and books.
Where to put console table?
You can keep a console table by your entryway, giving you a place to set down your keys and wallet on your way in and out of your house, add one to your living room as a sofa table, TV stand, or bar cart, in your home office as a desk or bookcase, or in your bedroom when you need a vanity.
How tall is console table?
Most console tables are thirty inches in height, give or take a couple of inches, so make sure when you’re shopping that you consider the height of other pieces of furniture you have nearby.
Can console table be higher than sofa?
No, the sofa table you get should be about the same height as the top of your sofa because it will look out of place if it’s too tall.
While the height of your console table can’t be higher than the couch, there is a little more versatility in the length of your console table as it can be the same width as your sofa or smaller.
Does a console table have to match?
While it’s easy when the console table, coffee table, and side table all match, it’s not necessary. It is up to you to decide!
For example, if you don’t want a matching table set, you can pick out your favorite console table. Just make sure its style and colors are somewhat similar to your coffee table and side table, so the design of your living room doesn’t clash.
How to decorate console table?
First, you have to decide what you’re using the console table for.
If it will be a hallway table, you can add some of your favorite accessories since it will be the first piece you and your guests will see when you walk into your home. Also, leave a tray on top for space to put down your keys and wallet.
If it’s a console desk, add any writing utensils and electronic devices with a couple of small decorative accessories for a touch of your personality.
For your living room, it depends. If you’re using it as a console sofa table, add decorative accessories and any books you’d like to display. The same can be said for a TV console table but leave space for cords, consoles, and maybe even your TV. A console table bar cart will need any cocktail essentials such as coasters, glasses, alcohol, and an ice bucket.
Last but not least, a bedroom console table can be styled with a few beautiful accessories as well as any essentials such as your hair brush, blow dryer, and makeup.
Now that we have answered some of your questions, please keep in mind the size, style, and colors of the console tables you have your eyes on, so you can pick out the best console table for your home.
We wish you the best of luck as you explore our wide selection, with a console table with storage, wood console table, mirrored console table, and more!