Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs. Complete your bedroom or living room's look with a gorgeous accent chair.
Accent Chairs

Welcome to our category for accent chairs! Before you find your new favorite accent chair, we’d like to help you on your shopping journey by answering questions.What are accent chairs?Sometimes known as occasional chairs, accent chairs usually go in your living room. They have many uses, whether it’s to complement your décor, add a splash of color, bring additional seating, create a new focal point, or make a reading corner.
You can also place an accent chair in almost any room in your home, such as in your dining room as a side chair, in the home office as a desk chair, or in your bedroom for a cozy seating area before bedtime.Do accent chairs have to match?No, an accent chair doesn’t have to match other furniture in the room because you might want it to stand out from the rest. That’s because this type of chair can actually add contrast to a plain living room if it has a different color, pattern, or style!How to place accent chairs in living room?If you want to create a reading corner, you can place an accent chair in a corner of your living room.
When you want the living room chair to be integrated with the rest of the room, you can place it to the side or across from your existing living room furniture.How to decorate accent chairs?There are a few different ways you can decorate an occasional chair.
Depending on the size of your accent chair, you can add an accent pillow on top. For example, if you have a pattern accent chair, look for a solid color pillow that will match it.
To the right or left of an accent chair, a side table can be added, so it’s easy to reach for your beverage and phone while relaxing in your living room.
If your living room is missing an area rug, you can find one that is similar to the color of your new accent chair so they can complement each other with the same coloring. You can also do this by adding any wall art or accessories that match the color of your new chair, so there’s a consistent color scheme throughout your living room!How to pick accent chair height?If you’re going to have a side table next to your chair, make sure the height of the accent chair isn’t too high or too low. This is to make sure it’s easy and comfortable for you to grab anything from the top of the table.How to choose accent chairs?This is up to you to decide. Just keep in mind the color, style, and size of the chairs you have your eyes on, so you can figure out one is best for your home so it doesn’t overcrowd a room or clash with the design.
Now that we have helped you get started on your shopping journey, we can’t wait to see what accent chair you choose, whether it’s a blue accent chair, accent chair with ottoman, or a leather accent chair!