Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs. Balance the design of your home décor with our gorgeous accent chairs. Pick out your favorite below.
Accent Chairs

Accent chairs bring more than one function to your living room or bedroom, whether you’re looking for your own personal comfort or to enhance the style of the room with a unique design or pop of color. With our wide selection to choose from, you can pick your favorite fabric accent chair today.
Before making your purchase, think about what type of accent chair you want. If you want complete relaxation, add a massage chair or rocking chair. If you need at least one sleeping space for your guest area, we also offer chair beds. If you have the space for a bigger piece, maybe you’ll have to decide between a chaise lounge or a chair and a half. To focus on the room’s style, a standard size accent chair will do. Additionally, if you see yourself adjusting your comfort, add a swivel chair instead. Some of our accent chairs also come with an ottoman or pillows as well!
Next, decide on the best fabric. If your living room is a high traffic area, a leather accent chair or a chair upholstered in leatherette or performance fabric are great options, as they are easy-to-clean and are definitely comfortable and durable. If your accent chair will not be used very often and is more for decorative purposes, consider a delicate fabric such as polyester, velvet, or chenille.
Last but not least, find the style that fits your living room décor well. With contemporary and modern accent chairs that have neutral tones, stainless steel legs, and simple button tufted accents, you can add a clean look. If you prefer a traditional accent chair, classic details include dramatic patterns, carved wood accents, and rolled arms. If your accent chair will be used as a focal point, a striped accent chair or a chair with bold colorful patterns will be what you love. To bring a rustic sense of nature to your home, add a cowhide chair in brown or black tones.
With our large selection, pick out your new chair today!