Acrylic & Canvas Wall Art

Acrylic & Canvas Wall Art
Acrylic & Canvas Wall Art

Welcome to El Dorado Furniture’s acrylic and canvas wall art category! Before you pick the wall art you want, you probably have a few questions to consider that we can help you with.
Does the wall art come with wall mount hardware?
Make sure the wall décor you are looking to buy comes with hinges, hooks, ring screws, cords. If one of these is included, it makes it easier to hang up the wall art.
Where to hang wall art?
You can hang wall art wherever you want, whether you’d like to hang it centered above your sofa, bed, or dresser, or you can create a gallery wall. This is a collection of wall art that you can place by your entryway, on a wall by your stairs, or in your living room.
Can the wall art be hung horizontally or vertically?
This is a key feature that you should look for when shopping for new wall accents. For example, if you’re looking for bathroom wall art, a vertical one will work as it is tall but not wide, making it fit into a smaller space. And if you are going to place the art above your bed’s headboard, horizontal wall art will look better because it’s wide and will stand out to complement your space. What’s even better if is the wall art you picked out hangs both ways, giving you more flexibility when you’re finding a place for it in your home.
How big should wall art be?
To keep it simple, you want to make sure your walls have breathing room. This means the wall art covers about two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall. But keep in mind that if your wall art is too small, it won’t make the same kind of statement as large wall art.
Can I install the wall art myself?
If you do not see the feature “professional installation recommended”, it is safe for you to hang the wall art yourself. If the wall art you choose from us does have this feature, you need to get the art installed by a professional.
How high should wall art be hung?
The golden rule of hanging wall art is to have the center of it be fifty-seven inches from the ground because it’s the standard eye-height of most people. If you’re going to be adding it to a higher ceiling such as in your entryway, you can go above this initial measurement.
In the case that you are going to hang wall art directly above pieces of furniture such as your bed or sofa, make sure it’s about six to twelve inches above.
How to choose wall art?
If you want pieces of photography, acrylic wall art is perfect for your home. If you prefer art that uses abstract designs as a focal point, we recommend canvas wall art.
Now that we have answered some of your questions, feel free to explore our wide selection of acrylic and canvas wall art!