King Beds

King beds. Create a new focal point for your bedroom with our wide selection of king beds.
King Beds

Choosing the right king-size bed for your room is not an easy task. You need to be completely happy with the results to get a restful night of sleep. That is why we prepared some answers to questions you might have before making a definitive decision.
Why should you choose a king bed for your bedroom?
In a large bedroom, a king-size bed’s dimensions are the perfect choice for two people to sleep together without feeling crowded. Well... maybe your kids or pets will want to join in the middle of the night, but that's okay because these beds have an average size of 76” by 80”.
What should you consider when buying a king bed?
Since the size is already a given, the next things you should consider are style, frame height, support, and storage. Do you prefer a lower design, or do you like the view from a tall bed? Do you want built-in drawers to store linen, blankets, and extra pillows? How about a charging USB port or LED lighting on the headboard? If you want to upgrade your comfort preferences, later on, getting a power-base compatible bed might also be a good idea.
Does your bed need to match the rest of the room?
Your King size bed will be the focal point of your bedroom, so be careful when choosing something in a different design. The safest option is to buy your bed with a Bedroom Set, but if you prefer a more authentic look, be sure the style is at least similar to the rest of your furniture. To add an elegant presence to your room, go for rich tones and carved details with a traditional-style bed. A modern bedroom can be complemented with a king-size platform bed, metal legs, and a sleek design with USB ports and LED lights. For your coastal bedroom, find a king bed with a distressed look and wooden board design. There are many other pieces to choose from, so take a look at our amazing selection to pick the best king bed for your bedroom.