Welcome to El Dorado Furniture’s beautiful selection of mirrors! Before you decide on a wall mirror, leaner mirror, or vanity mirror, let us help you answer some of your most frequently asked questions.
What’s the purpose of mirror?
There are many uses for mirrors. Whether a mirror is designed to make a statement as a decorative element, help a small space feel bigger, increase the brightness of a room, or check your outfit before it’s time to leave the house, you have to decide what yours will be for.
How to hang mirror on wall
If you see the feature “professional installation recommended”, you will need to get the mirror installed by a professional. Otherwise, it is safe for you to install it but please be careful.
Leaner mirrors, on the other hand, simply just need to be leaned against the wall, and you’re all set!
Does the mirror include wall mount hardware?
Ensure that the decorative wall mirrors you like the best include some hardware. This would be ring screws, cords, hooks, or hinges. They’ll make it easier to hang up your new mirror!
Where to hang mirrors?
You can hang mirrors wherever you want, whether you want a bathroom mirror, a vanity mirror in your bedroom, a full length mirror in your entryway, or a living room mirror hung up behind your sofa. The choice is yours!
How high to hang a mirror?
Make sure your mirror is hung at least four to five feet above the wall. This ensures it’s not hiding behind any of your furniture.
And if you’re getting a bathroom mirror or vanity mirror installed, make sure it’s at eye level. This is helpful for you since you will be using that mirror to get ready in the morning.
Should mirror be centered on wall?
If there is no furniture near the mirror, yes, it’s probably best to center the mirror on the wall. If it’s going to be by furniture, you should make the mirror centered with your furniture. For example, if you have a console table in your hallway, the mirror should be centered above the table.
How to clean mirrors?
First, spot clean your mirror to remove dirt, dust, and grime with a soft, dry microfiber cloth or cotton balls with rubbing alcohol. After you complete this step, you can then spray your glass cleaner or vinegar water solution on your mirror and wipe it with a soft cloth from top to bottom.
How to choose mirror?
When you’re in the final decision-making process, we’d like you to keep a few things in mind.
A leaner mirror or full body mirror is perfect for making a room bigger and brighter. Plus, you can use it to get ready in the morning and add the finishing touches to your outfit.
A vanity mirror or bathroom mirror is designed specifically for your bedroom. This daily mirror is where you’ll brush your teeth, apply makeup, do your hair, and more.
A wall mirror can serve as a focal point and add the final touch to any room’s style, especially if it’s a large wall mirror.
Now that we have answered some of your questions, we can’t wait to see your new mirror!