Sofas. Create a center for relaxation in your living room with one of our sofas.


Before making a choice of sofa, we’re going to answer some questions that might help you decide.

Why choosing the right sofa is important?

A sofa establishes the overall style and mood of your living room, as it's the most important and prominent piece of your seating area. It's where you will accommodate your family and houseguests, so it has to reflect the right level of comfort and style.

What is a standard sofa size?

Although the size of a sofa might vary, the average width starts at eighty-six inches and can go all the way over one-hundred inches. If you have limited space, consider a compact couch, a sofa with a "wall-crawler" feature, or a loveseat.

How long do sofas usually last?

A sofa can last from seven to fifteen years. But that durability might vary if you have children or pets, so if the seats start sagging too much and you no longer have a good level of support and comfort then it’s probably time to get an upgrade.

How can you decorate or spruce up your sofa?

Style your sofa with some accent pillows or throw blankets to add a cozy touch. If your sofa is placed against a wall, consider hanging a nice art piece, poster, or wall mirror.

What kind of sofa fabric is considered pet-friendly?

When you’re looking for a pet-friendly sofa, the best fabrics are leather, woven, and microfiber as they’re easy to clean and can last many years. But if there are many pets in your home consider a more versatile outdoor sofa material, like sunbrella since they are made to endure any kind of weather.

How do you pick the right sofa?

Keep in mind the style, size, upholstery, and special features of the sofa. If you want a material that’s durable or easy to clean, then look for leather, microfiber, or leatherette. To add a delicate and elegant touch, velvet might be a better option. The type of fabric should attest to both your style and comfort preferences. If you want something that’s primarily for style, check out our diverse selection of stationary sofas to find the perfect fit. Need a place to relax and unwind? Then a reclining sofa with deep, wide seating is the best option since the headrests and power motion can easily adjust to your level of comfort.