Dining Tables

Dining Tables. Create a dining experience for every occasion with a new dining table.
Dining Tables

Get ready to serve dinner in style with these amazing dining table options, and we can help you find the best pick for your home by answering frequently asked questions.
Why is choosing the right dining table important?
Sharing a meal at the dining table, surrounded by your family and friends, is where you get to talk about how your day went, share stories, and form connections. Dinner time is an important part of your routine that requires a comfortable setting, so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters: enjoying the moment with loved ones.
What is the "leaf" of a dining table?
The leaf is a part attached to the table that can add an extension to its length so you can accommodate more friends and family members. They help maximize your space when you need to entertain bigger parties during various occasions, whether at a dinner party or holiday meal.
Do dining table and chairs have to match?
They don't have to belong to the same set. As long as your dining table and chairs are at least similar in style and color scheme, they can complement each other well. If you want them to match completely, take a look at our Dining Sets section to find a diverse selection of options.
How to decorate a dining table?
Once you have set up your guests' placemat, plate, silverware, and glasses, you can move on to the fun part of decorating your table with centerpieces, candleholders, vases, trays, flower arrangements, and bowls. You can also place seasonal decor for holiday celebrations or add a finishing touch to special occasions.
What should you consider when buying a dining table?
We recommend that you consider material, size, shape, and style before making your dining table purchase. Keep in mind the space available in your dining area or kitchen. Square and round dining tables are great for small spaces and provide a more intimate setting. If you have more free square footage you can go for a rectangular dining table that can accommodate a large number of guests. The style or color of your dining table should match its surroundings. If you have a modern dining room, choosing a sleek design with a marble or glass top should work well. For a more rustic and homey touch in your dining room, a coastal style with a distressed finish can be a perfect choice. Consider also if you need your dining table to provide extra storage for plates, utensils, or bottles of wine. We have a diverse section of dining tables to choose from, so take a look at our options and pick your favorite design to take home.