May Edition: What’s Your Style?

Are you sick of your current furniture and think it’s time to make a change? You came to us at the perfect time as the middle of May is here for What’s Your Style with our newly arrived products! Your living room, bedroom, and dining room can be enriched with beautiful new pieces of furniture. Join us as we discuss these options below!

Claribel Power Reclining Sectional


Do you have a large living room that is in need of comfort? The Claribel Power Reclining Sectional can be used for a family who needs plenty of seating. We understand that your concern will be what makes this couch comfortable. First of all, you have the opportunity to allow up to three people to sit back and relax in the right, armless, and left recliners. The tone is light smoke gray, allowing you to add virtually any color theme to your living room with accent pillows and accessories. This couch is perfect for relaxing nights when you will want to lay back, especially with all these summer rainstorms to come.

Shelley Leather Power Reclining Sofa


If you are willing to make a simple change to update your living room, it’s easy with the Shelley Leather Power Reclining Sofa. The smooth ivory white genuine top grain leather upholstery is placed over black legs that are specifically tapered to signal the style of the couch with a contemporary feeling. You can even lay back in comfort with the power motion available in both of the recliners!

Caitlyn Sofa


The Caitlyn Sofa is beautiful for someone who has a vision of a more formal look in their living room but is also open for change. What’s more traditional is the rolled arms and button tufted accents but you will notice the trendy silver polyester upholstery that updates this gorgeous couch. You will feel like your living room belongs in a setting you may have read about it in an old book or movie, taking you back in time to a traditional more elegant era.

Alanis Chaise


Your foyer or entryway may be feeling a little lonely. When someone walks into your home, a piece of furniture by the entrance always makes a good impression and even adds some more seating when needed! The Alanis Chaise does just that by creating a contemporary look for an updated space with velvety polyester fabric that is gorgeously finished in a dark cloud gray with stylish legs that angle this chaise. Adding just one piece to your foyer can make all the difference.

Versana Blue Accent Chair


If you’re looking for something different, the Versana Blue Accent Chair brings colorful style. The flat square seat and curved backrest are both upholstered in sapphire blue polyester, which is a historical tone that brings a classic touch to this modern chair. The focal point of this piece that makes it different than other accent chairs is its frame made of polished stainless steel, with an open design on both the sides and back that resembles an art deco style as well as high arms that hug the backrest for a modern or contemporary setting.

Palomari Gray Coffee Table Set of 2


If your living room is in need of more table space, then the Palomari Gray Coffee Table Set of 2 is a great solution. What makes this set convenient is the fact that the smaller coffee table can be placed above the larger one when not in use. Additionally, in a living space that may be lacking intricate furniture and accessories, the design of this set will not be overwhelming to add with polished stainless steel bases and gray wood tops. You can put almost any style of accessories you would like on the table top or a serving tray for casual appetizers with family.

Vellum Coffee Table


The seating in your living room may be set but maybe you need a new coffee table to balance the whole style of the room. The Vellum Coffee Table’s design takes on a contemporary approach with a beautiful mix of materials that you will enjoy. Besides the inviting brown tones of the wood construction and the convenience of the casters, this piece offers great display space for you to display books, accessories or even candles in the comfort of your living area. Essentially, this rustic contemporary table will easily match your stylish space.

Chelsea Gray Queen Panel Bed


A sophisticated bedroom setting comes to life with the Chelsea Gray Queen Platform Bed. If you have had enough time with a simply designed bed, this piece is a great way to branch out and redesign the decor of your bedroom. You will find yourself falling for the textured cloud gray upholstery on the footboard and headboard that beautifully complements the gray wood construction of this bed. What also brings the style of this bed up to date are the luxurious metal accents, allowing you to finish your new design.

Jamie Queen Panel Bed


The Jamie Queen Panel Bed can be seen as a bed that is designed to impress. A luxurious Hollywood-like bedroom in a popular urban city can be found with the glossy details and LED lighting of the bed, with a gorgeous headboard that is literally crystal tufted while mirrored accents on the edges of this piece portray a reflection of sophisticated style in your master bedroom to attract the most attention.

New Port Queen Panel Bed


Create a new dream for your master bedroom with the contemporary New Port Queen Panel Bed. The cream-toned wood is a neutral color theme so when you are adding accessories to your bedroom décor, you have the flexibility to add almost anything. What is the most fascinating about this bed though is the geometric design on the headboard that is carefully made. Your bedroom is not just a bedroom but a relaxing sanctuary now.

Caspian Corner Nook Set w/2 Stools


The Caspian Corner Nook Set w/2 Stools can be more than just your average dining setting. It’s where you bring friends together for spontaneous meals and great conversations. Don’t worry about the seating, everyone will be comfortable with the smooth to the touch black leatherette upholstery found on both the stools and nook bench. You will also notice that the table is the perfect size for a few friends with a beautiful faux marble top that brings elegance to your conversations.

Santal/Kalia Blue 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


The Santal/Kalia Blue 5-Piece Formal Dining Set is an amazing option for a family who is willing to make a big change in their dining room. Let’s say you have a more traditional dining set that has been around for years and you are getting tired of its design. Maybe it’s time to explore with both style and color with this very own set! First, we would like to point out the table’s white glass top with a base that contrasts with wood and stainless steel but what truly makes a difference are the chairs with dark turquoise blue leatherette upholstery and curved arms for eclectic contemporary beauty.

Santal/Kalia Red 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


The Santal/Kalia Red 5-Piece Formal Dining Set is similar to the previous set but might be more approachable to someone who wants a passionate color in their new dining room as this is the main symbolic theme of red. The stylish table remains the same, satisfying a modern approach while the chairs are upholstered in a scarlet red leatherette for an energetic introduction to your dining area.

Rialto/Hyde White 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


If you have ever thought about an ultimate modern set-up for your dining room but weren’t sure where to start, you’re on the right track with the Rialto/Hyde White 5-Piece Formal Dining Set. You and your guests will be astonished by the obvious unique shape of the glass dining table’s stainless steel base with a faux marble insert that almost gets lost in between two pieces. Also, you will be sitting back in style with the high backs and pure white leatherette upholstery of the side chairs, making them beautifully sophisticated for formal meals. Get ready for a brand new appearance in your dining room!

Dumont 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


Your dining room could be paying homage to nature with the Dumont 5-Piece Formal Dining Set. Essentially, this dining set is relaxing as it introduces natural wood and cozy fabric for you to spend meals with those people closest to you. Take the dining table for example. The top is made of acacia solids and veneers with a beautifully distressed deep brown finish that is updated with legs that are definitively U-shaped to bring this table to contemporary times. The side chairs are what make this set even more welcoming with sand gray polyester fabric for your preferred comfort.

Brianna Yellow 5-Piece Formal Dining Set


The Brianna Yellow 5-Piece Formal Dining Set can be added to your dining room if you are prepared for the addition of eclectic contemporary style. With some contemporary dining rooms, the clean lines are defined for a sleek setting but with this set, you’re adding color for fun times with friends and family. The side chairs do include the minimalist side of design with polished stainless steel legs but the color theme is found with the fire yellow upholstery. Furthermore, the dining table is simply designed in order to complement the bright chairs with a glass top that is placed over acrylic legs. Consider this beautiful set today!

Brianna Buffet


The Brianna Buffet not only provides storage but also a sense of clean modern style to your dining room, completing your dream of bringing a minimalist dining experience to your home. A portion of your dining area will be enhanced with the stylish white glass color theme and stainless steel accents while the doors open to reveal the space needed for dining items such as silverware and plates. If this is what you’re looking for, you may enjoy the buffet’s matching dining set too.

Calypso Matte Gray Bar


At one point or another, you may have envisioned a bar area in your home or apartment. The Calypso Matte Gray Bar is understanding as it is a single piece that works for entertainment and storage during your Friday night happy hours. If smooth modern style is your thing, the natural gray wood construction and stainless steel accents are exactly what you need. You will be excited as you see yourself storing your favorite bottles of wine in the wine rack which is even removable!

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