How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Baldo II White Sofa for small spaces

Things are Tight

Houses are expensive! The average cost of buying and renting housing has gone up significantly in the last few years. Many of us have started looking for a smaller space that better fits our budgets. We understand the challenges this can bring, but for those of you who have downsized to a smaller space, it doesn’t mean that you’re getting “less of a home”.

The truth is, since the pandemic, we’ve all adapted to new ways of living. We have become more mindful around crowds, increased hand washing and adjusted to working from home. Being in our homes more has strengthened our attachment to the comfort of our homes.  Finding a balance of function and decor greatly contributes to that comfort. 

How do you make a small space more functional and cozy? The anxiety around decorating small spaces is real! It may feel like there is no room for error – or room for much of anything, really. So we want to help you make the most out of your space. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide with 10 tips on how to choose and organize furniture for your small space

Let’s get started!

Selecting the right furniture for tight spaces does not have to be difficult or stressful. There are lots of options and styles available that work well within limited spaces. The key is to use creative and versatile designs in your favor to make more practical use of your home.

1) FIND MORE PURPOSE – Multipurpose Furniture

Zara Nesting Table, Coffee Table of 2

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a soul-searching journey. Multipurpose furniture can be a lifesaver when organizing a small space. 

  • Storage Ottomans: Why have a simple ottoman, when you can have an ottoman that doubles as storage? Finding furniture with dual function allows you to narrow down your pieces to the most essential.
  • Nesting Coffee Tables: Nesting coffee tables are absolute space-savers because they can be grouped and easily tucked away. 
  • Extendable Dining Tables: When you invite guests over for dinner, extendable dining tables make sure everyone is comfortable without cluttering your space on the day to day.
  • Stackable Chairs: Perfect for entertaining, stackable chairs can be brought out and stored away effortlessly.

2) THINK VERTICALLY – Vertical Furniture Pieces

Eliza White Bar Cabinet

When your home is short on square footage, look into maximizing your vertical space. Oftentimes, we forget to go up with our design. There is so much space that can be utilized with vertical furniture pieces. 

  • Corner Storage Cabinets & Shelves: Add narrow, sleek storage cabinets and shelves to unused corners.
  • Tall & Narrow Book Shelves: These will help to provide more storage while taking up less floor space. 
  • Wall Shelves: Wall shelves can be added above almost any furniture piece including kitchen cabinets. 

3) MOVE IT! – Choose Versatile Furniture

Hank Dark Gray Futon Sofa

When dealing with smaller spaces, choose versatility. You may need to readjust the layout of a room in a moment’s notice, so find pieces that make your life easier.

  • Futon or Sleeper Sofa:  If you’re hosting guests for the night, a futon or sleeper sofa serves as seating during the day and a comfy bed at night. 
  • Swivel Chairs: Choose furniture that can easily swivel or move across the room to avoid feeling overwhelmed every time you need to adapt your small space.

4) ROUND IT UP – Curvy Furniture

Baldo II White Sofa

Curvy silhouettes occupy less floor space and create a smoother sense of flow when placed correctly. Luckily, this is a style that can be found in almost every furniture category. 

  • Round Coffee Tables: Consider adding a round coffee table or a barrel-back accent chair to your seating area to offset a straight sofa. 
  • Centerpieces: Centerpieces with rounded edges are aesthetically pleasing, add a touch of personality, and can make your layout more harmonious, dynamic, and interesting.

5) LET’S MAKE IT CLEAR – Transparent Furniture

Mina Round Counter Table with Sadie Clear Adjustable Stool

Transparent furniture is the perfect solution for your small space because it creates the illusion that there is virtually nothing there. Its minimalistic presence blends nicely in any modern-style room, so you can place your clear furniture in front of a window without blocking your view or disrupting your layout. 

6) DIVIDE AND CONQUER – Use Furniture as a Room Divider

Reyna Corner Sofa

Dividers allow you to create an entirely different area in your home and add privacy to your studio or flat. This can be created using: 

  • Bookshelves: A bookshelf can serve as a partition to create a home office or a cozy reading corner.
  • Seating: A small sectional helps create a clear transition between your kitchen and your living room. 
  • Colors: Different colors give the illusion of separate spaces in an open concept layout.

7) MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL… Add Mirrors for an Open Look

Birch Dream Wall Mirror

Mirrors add dimension to your room and make the space look bigger. They can also reflect both natural and artificial light, allowing the area to appear brighter and more open. Simply hang some mirrors on your walls to completely change the vibe of the entire room. A great tip is placing your mirror directly in front of a window to reflect the natural light from the outside.

8) COVER YOUR FLOORS – Tie the Room Together

Expressive 8' x 10' Area Rug

Finding the right area rug size for your floor can make all the difference. A rug that is too big for your space can make the room feel cluttered, while a rug that is too small can throw off the balance. The right size rug will leave enough room along the borders to show off your floors. 

We also recommend going for something that blends in nicely with the upholstery of your seating area or bed sheets. Matching colors and patterns can help add a dynamic element. Just remember: light colors tend to amplify the layout and make the room appear more spacious, while darker rugs add more contrast and create a more cozy feel. 

9) HANG ON – Creative Wall Art

Valeria Wall Art

Get creative! Dress your wall with accessories that you can’t fit inside your closet: hats, masks, cameras, and music albums are fun options that also add some character to your layout. Hanging wall art also creates a focal point that doesn’t take up any floor space. You can play around with different designs, contrast the color on your walls or create visual harmony by matching them to other accent pieces in the room. Just remember that art is about expressing yourself, so choose something that reflects your personality. 

10) GO GREEN – Utilize Plants

Sloane White Planter for Plant Arrangement

Bring the outside into your small space with some greenery. Larger planters can be used as centerpieces for an open section of your home or provide a natural divider, adding privacy to your small space. If you love organic tones and textures, add a vase with beautiful foliage to those undefined corners. For those who really love the green but don’t have time for the upkeep, you can always use artificial plants to complement your space.


Symmetrical Furniture Placement

Pay attention to symmetry. A neat and proportional layout keeps the space looking organized, even if you’re into a more authentic, lived-in look.

Utilize the Room’s Corners

Work with your corners. If you have a space with an awkward layout and uneven corners, use that space creatively to create a little nook, display a statement piece, or add a planter.

Minimize Furniture Pieces

Don’t overwhelm your room with several pieces, even if they’re designed for small spaces. The idea is to keep a clean, spacious, and flowy layout in your home.

Choose Your Colors & Patterns Wisely

Limit your color and pattern choices. It’s nice to have a color pop here and there, but don’t use too many contrasting designs or your layout will seem cluttered.

Layer Your Lighting

Layering multiple types of lighting, such as ceiling, table, and floor lamps, create different focal points in your room.

Use the Top of Your Cabinets

Make use of piers, tall shelves, and open displays on top of kitchen cabinets. This will give you extra space for your essentials, without cluttering your floors. 

Hang Tall Curtains

Another way to take advantage of your vertical space is to hang tall curtains above your windows to give the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger room (just make sure not to block out any natural lighting).

Make Your Living Space Your Own

Ready to start styling your small space? With our small spaces guide, you’ll have all the inspo you need to make the best of your limited square footage. Check out select pieces from our exclusive Carlo Perazzi collection and other designer furniture for small spaces from El Dorado Furniture. 

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