Refresh Your Room with Wall Art

Have a blank wall in your home that you think needs something and can maybe make an old room feel new again? Adding an acrylic wall art is effortless with beautiful images that bring personality back to a room.

Check out some of our favorites below!


The Ponte Acrylic Wall Art takes place during sunrise with a landscape of a dock by calm water and seagulls, illustrating peaceful scenery in a room that is not quite finished. Let’s say your entryway needs something to stand out; this piece of art is truly all you might need.


The Noit Acrylic Wall Art has eye-catching colors that can set the state of mind for an outdated room. We think you’ll love the city scene that takes place during sunset. It even lights up when plugged in to really create a scene at night in your home!

8CAR-16 02.jpg

The Edifici Acrylic Wall Art has scenery that shows off a big city right on the water during an overcast early morning. You might be noticing the neutral tones. These are perfect because it then becomes easy to add this set to a room that cannot stand on its own without at least one wall art!


If you are looking to add coastal inspiration to a bland room, it’s possible with the Beached Acrylic Wall Art. A smooth print on acrylic illustrates wave crashing at a beach, creating a coastal sanctuary without having to leave the comfort of your home. It’s especially attractive to someone who already has a coastal vibe going on in their décor!


Are you ready to take yourself to one of the most famous places in the country? You can do so by adding the Golden Gate Acrylic Wall Art to a room that is tired in style. Just look how gorgeous the sky looks as it transitions from day to night!


If you would love to add an image of nature to a room, you’re all set with the Paon Acrylic Wall Art. The absolutely stunning peacock print creates an elegant kind of sight, transforming a once dull looking room into one with personality!

In essence, you may have heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We find this to be true by changing a basic room with a single image printed on acrylic. An image can tell a story. Let us know what you think below!

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