March 18, 2022 | 6PM | Calle Ocho Showroom

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re proud to present One Night Para Ella, a free in-store experience that celebrates, empowers, and supports women’s diversity. On Friday, March 18th at 6pm, we’re transforming our Calle Ocho Showroom into a festival square where performers, vendors, designers and creatives can thrive and let their voices be heard.


VIP Lounge
VIP Lounge


VIP guests and their plus ones will have access to our exclusive VIP lounge from 6 pm to 7pm, prior to the event, where they can network with the women being spotlighted and enjoy complimentary food and drinks.

Panel Discussion


At the center of our event is “Women Unplugged,” a curated panel discussion focusing on women succeeding in traditionally male-dominated industries. Unfiltered and raw, these conversations are meant to amplify women’s voices and flip the script on common stereotypes. Kimmy B, 93.9 MIA radio host and podcaster, will moderate the panel, which includes the following guests:

  • Marivette Navarrete of The Mujerista, a media platform breaking down misconceptions about Millennial women with Hispanic and Latin American heritage
  • Bonnie Beats, a DJ/producer working to shine a light on emerging artists and create inclusive event spaces for marginalized communities
  • Keesha Morisma, stylist/designer and owner of the progressive accessory brand Zhuzh
One Night Para Ella
Photo moments
Photo Booth


As you walk along our boulevard, you’ll encounter a variety of insta-worthy photo moments. At the entrance is our Ella Dorado newsstand, a vibrant backdrop with empowering messages, fun Easter eggs and our very own customized newspapers. You can also strike a pose with four unique booths inspired by our “Women Unplugged” panelists.



All throughout the night, local DJ, DJane will spin the decks with a vinyl-only set, sending good vibes across the boulevard. And, to wrap up the evening, vocal powerhouse Yoli Mayor will take the stage after the panel with a soulful and soothing live performance that reaffirms once again how powerful women can be.

DJane and Yoli Mayor
Magen Ferrer and Gissi Jimenez


Magen Ferrer from The Lefty Writer and fashion illustrator Gissi Jimenez will also be creating custom pieces and live sketches of guests prior to the panel discussion. Watch as they bring your unique style and personality to life in a matter of minutes.



Complimentary bites and beverages will be provided by caterer Suzanne Michael and several women-led dessert vendors until 8 p.m. Beverages will be available throughout the night.

Suzanne Michael


1926 – 2018

Aida Capo


When you think about the story of El Dorado Furniture, the first thing you probably picture is Manuel Capó and sons Luis and Carlos leaving their home in a small sailboat called El Dorado to start a new life in the US. But who you don’t hear about as often is Aida Capó. While her husband was pursuing their American dream, she stayed behind, working as a teacher and taking care of her rambunctious sons while a revolution started brewing all around her. 

When El Dorado Furniture opened their first store, this very showroom in Calle Ocho, she was the driving force that kept the whole family and business together. As the company expanded across Florida, she stayed true to their traditions and values; a virtue that would be awarded by the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation’s “Woman of the Year” award and memorialized on the intersection of 72nd Avenue and 12th Street known as “Aida Rosa Capó Way.”

One Night Para Ella pays a long-overdue tribute to her and honors all the generations of women in our community that are making an impact.


El Dorado Furniture - Calle Ocho Boulevard

Friday March 18
6pm to 10pm

El Dorado Furniture – Calle Ocho Boulevard
2475 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135

Rideshare encouraged

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