Leather Sectionals: Big Game, Big Comfort

With the Big Game just a few days away, you want to make sure you have all the essential comfort needed to host your Big Game party in style. So, below we have three different styles of leather sofas with features that allow you and all your friends to enjoy the game, as well as, the amazing commercials and halftime show of course.

Before we introduce these leather couches, there is the added benefit of the high-quality upholstery itself. First of all, leather is easy to clean as you simply wipe it with a cloth or use a leather cleaner when necessary, especially important if someone spills a drink or snack during the Big Game! Additionally, leather ages well. It is an extremely durable material that lasts for years so you don’t have to worry about replacing your sofa any time soon, so, adding one for a sporting event like this one will be extremely beneficial.

  1. Power Reclining Sectionals

Charlie Light Gray Leather Power Reclining Sectional

With soft genuine top grain leather everywhere the body touches, the Charlie Power Leather Power Reclining Sectional is instantly a hit for comfortable seating during the Big Game. Some of its features are also valuable as well. Three of the recliners, the left, right, and armless, and headrests can all be controlled with buttons so you can sit up and watch or lay back and relax, depending on how well your team is playing, right? There are also two beverage holders on the console when your guests do not want to place their beverages on your coffee table. Hidden storage allows you to bring out a throw blanket and pillows to make sure everyone is comfortable. Additionally, there are built-in USB ports on both sides, so mobile devices are charged easily, allowing you to live tweet all your favorite moments of the game!

Anabel Cream Leather Power Reclining Sectional

The Anabel Cream Leather Power Reclining Sectional is also upholstered in genuine top grain leather everywhere the body touches with a soft surface, this time in a cream tone so it can blend in perfectly in your modern living room for the Big Game, as well as, other watch parties. When you are hosting an event as big as this one, you will appreciate the power motion found in the armless, left, and right recliners, which your guests can control effortlessly with the push buttons. This sofa also has headrests that are easily adjustable and a console with cup holders. There are still two USB ports so no one has to stress about their mobile device losing battery during the game. Additionally, you can combine the pieces of this sofa into the configuration that fits your living room best!

  • Home Theater Style Seating

Nathan Tan Home Theater Leather Seating

If you have always wanted to have theater-style seating in your home, the Big Game is the perfect time to treat yourself. You will see that the Nathan Tan has three seats that are combined in a straight line to resemble a row of theater seating. With the reliable genuine leather everywhere the body touches, there is long-lasting comfort for each person to enjoy their seat as they watch the game. Both the left and right recliners are also powered so there’s an opportunity to lay back or sit up for a preferred level of comfort. Your friends and family can also adjust their own headrests. You will also notice two consoles that have storage inside for easy access to necessities like pillows and remotes. Additionally, the beverage holders will come in handy when there are beverages throughout the game!

  • Chaise

Toronto Dark Gray Leather Power Reclining Sofa w/Right Chaise

Our last sofa to share with you is the Toronto Dark Gray. Besides its reliable genuine leather upholstery, what makes this sofa fun for the Big Game and other watching parties is its slate gray tone, deepening the mood of your living room with a neutral finish. When the game starts, the headrests and two of the recliners, the armless and left, are powered with push buttons so your friends can pick their own comfort. One of the buttons also returns the recliners to their original position when the game is done! There is also the benefit of having the right chaise, as it brings additional seating.

Now that you have seen some of our leather sofas, you can see how beneficial one of these can be, so it’s only fitting to add a couch right in time for the Big Game! You’ll also get to use a leather sofa year-round to enjoy with your family and for other watch parties too.

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