How to Create the Ultimate Home Bar

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Entertaining your guests in style is easy when you have your own home bar. No matter the size of your budget or home, there are plenty of bar setups that upgrade your space, so you can gather with friends and family for a few drinks or mocktails at any time. 

What is a Home Bar & What is it Used For?

Home bars or cocktail lounges are areas within your home that typically have a large cabinet with a bar top designed for entertaining and serving drinks. This cabinet will also have extra space to store beverages, bottles, glassware and bar accessories. 

Having a bar space in your own home will not only level up your entertaining game, but it  also saves you time and money. Bars can get especially crowded during the weekends or game days, and waiting for your drink can be frustrating. Drinks at bars and lounges are also more expensive. You can make the same drink at home (with a bit of practice) at a much lower cost. Having your own private cocktail lounge also grants you the freedom to stock up on the liquors and brands that you prefer. 

What Do You Need to Build a Home Bar?

There are a variety of home furnishings that can help you build your ultimate private home bar. Each piece of bar furniture is built and designed with a specific function in mind. Some can be used as standalone pieces while others work together as a set. 

Wall Bars 

For those with minimal space or those who do not use their bar as frequently, a wall bar is a great option. These bars hang on the wall and provide enough space for a few bottles and stemware. It also doubles as a statement piece.

Bar Carts

If mobility is an important feature to you, a bar cart might be just what you’re looking for. They are a convenient way to enjoy some of your favorite drinks from the comfort of any room you choose, whether it be in your dining room, living room or out on the patio. Many bar carts also have a solid table top, allowing them to serve  as a side table, which is ideal when hosting guests 

Bar Cabinets 

A bar cabinet is a more permanent home bar solution. These cabinets can be tall and narrow or horizontal with a flat table top surface, allowing you to choose a design that works in your space. Both styles provide a decent amount of storage space and a small area to prepare your drinks. While these cabinets can be moved around, they are heavier and more difficult to maneuver. 


Like bar cabinets, bars are more of a staple in your home. With their ample storage and counter space, bars are designed for comradery. Guests can sit at the bar on barstools and mingle while their drinks are being made. These pieces also work best in larger rooms with plenty of space to gather and move around. 

Corner Bars

If you love the idea of a full bar experience but are worried about having enough space, try out a corner bar with a table. Corner bars fit snugly into any part of the room, while providing bar storage for all your cocktail must-haves.  

Bar Stools

When choosing a bar or corner bar with a table, bar stools are a must. You’ll want to select a style that is cohesive with your bar furnishings, but don’t be afraid to mix up materials and always keep comfort and ease of movement top of mind. Barstool designs can vary significantly from: tall to short, back to backless, arms to armless, upholstered to metal/wood and swivel to stationary. 

Bar Mirrors 

Bar mirrors are accent pieces that spruce up any home bar. While you can hang any decorative mirror that you like in your bar, there are unique bar mirrors built specifically for happy hours at home. In some cases you can find a bar mirror that matches your exact bar or bar cabinet. Bar mirrors also tend to have a few shelves built in for bottle display and occasionally LED lighting to highlight your selection. 

Once you have your furniture in place, it’s time to stock up! You’ll want to grab all the essentials, such as the appropriate glassware, cocktail shakers, drink stirrers, garnish trays, ice buckets, bar towels and preferred drinks. Enjoy your new entertaining space with a home (bar) warming party. El Dorado Furniture has you covered for all of your private home bar furnishings, cheers!

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