Twin Beds

twin beds - complete your kids bedroom with a twin bed they've been dreaming about.
Twin Beds

Welcome to our twin beds category! Before you find a twin size bed that’s perfect for your child, we’re going to help you by answering a few interesting questions.
What is the difference between a single and a twin bed?
There is no difference! A twin bed, also known as a single bed, has both terms used interchangeably, and it’s perfect for your child, teen, or single adult sleeper.
What age is good for a twin bed?
When your toddler/young child is ready to sleep in a bed without rails on the sides, you can consider a twin size bed for them. But don’t worry, if you’re an adult and don’t have space for anything bigger, a twin size bed frame is good for you too!
Can a twin bed frame fit a queen?
No, our twin size bed frames fit twin size mattresses only.
Is daybed twin size?
Yes! A daybed frame is the same size as a twin bed. What separates a daybed from a twin size bed frame is there’s a trundle sometimes underneath, so you can create a sleeping space for two of your kids.
Do twin beds need box springs?
This depends on the type of twin bed frame you’re looking at!
A twin platform bed has the support system included most of the time. If you want a twin panel bed, support is not included, so you’ll need to purchase a box spring or a mattress foundation.
If you want your twin bed to be paired with a frame that has drawers, you’ll love a twin bed frame with storage.
If you have any doubts, pay attention to our twin bed’s features where it will mention what the twin bed frame requires like the following: Low foundation required: 5", Recommended mattress height range: 10"-12”, or Mattress support system included.
Should I get a twin or full bed?
If you’re shopping for a bed for a single sleeper, your child will fit just fine on a twin bed but if you want two of your kids to share a bed, you’ll have to upgrade to a full size bed.
Now that we have answered some important questions, we’re excited to see which twin bed you choose whether it’s a white twin bed frame, a twin bed frame with drawers, or a modern twin bed frame!