Twin Beds

twin beds - complete your kids bedroom with a twin bed they've been dreaming about.
Twin Beds

In a kid’s bedroom, a twin bed is more than just a place to sleep. It’s a fun way for them to illustrate their personality. With dimensions that average 39 inches wide by 75 inches long, a twin size bed is the perfect size for your child.

When your kid is ready to shop, whether it’s a twin bed for girls or a twin bed for boys, you have to decide which bed construction will fit best for their needs. To create a low profile for simplicity, add a twin platform bed or panel bed. When storage needs are a concern, a twin bed with storage is what your child will need with drawers that can hold essentials such as clothing, pillows, and toys. If your child has a sibling and space is limited or tends to have sleepovers often, then you’ll need a twin bed with trundle.

Once you have determined the best twin bed construction, you will have to see which materials and style fit your child’s taste. An upholstered bed in leatherette offers a clean look if your kid prefers a simple modern style while twin beds with polyester and button tufted headboards have a sense of elegance for a traditional or cottage style. A wood twin bed can be finished with a glossy touch and neutral tones for a contemporary type of kid bedroom. A rustic or coastal style can also be created with a wood bed that has a distressed finish. We also carry car beds with plastic exteriors and leatherette interiors to resemble a realistic look that will make your child want to race.

With our wide selection above to choose from, your kid will love picking out their new twin bed!