Letizia Sofa Headrest


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28" W x 8" D x 6" H
72 cm W x 21 cm D x 16 cm H

28" W
6" H
8" D
SKU 101737703


  • White


  • Padded headrest
  • Metal support accents
  • Upholstered in performance fabric


  • Metal
  • Foam
  • Performance Fabric


The Letizia Sofa Headrest is a comfortable addition to your Letizia Sofa in your living room with smooth cream white performance fabric upholstery with padding and metal support accents.

Care Instructions

To clean the performance fabric, wash with cold water and mild detergent.

Care: When you purchase upholstered furniture, you want to make sure it lasts a long time in your home for you to enjoy for years to come. In order to keep your pieces strong and prevent soiling, it is best to take care of your fabric with routine maintenance such as lightly brushing the fabric with a soft brush or vacuum. This helps remove the accumulation of dust and grime.

Sometimes life is not under our control. If you encounter a spill on upholstered furniture, do not leave it untreated for too long or else it will be absorbed into the fabric of the piece and will be harder to remove. Make sure the area is completely dry once you are done cleaning it.

Please keep in mind that the use of a professional cleaning service is always recommended if you do not feel comfortable cleaning an upholstered piece yourself.

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