Are you ready to pick a loveseat? Let's go over some questions you might have before starting.
What is a loveseat?
A loveseat is essentially a smaller sofa that’s designed to seat just two people. If you’re looking for something bigger, consider a sofa or corner sofa instead.
What is the standard size of a loveseat?
There isn’t a single standard loveseat size but you’ll find that most loveseats are close to sixty-four inches long.
How to measure loveseat?
You don’t have to worry about this part. For your convenience, each of our loveseats has the dimensions included for you to view such as 65" W x 42" D x 38" H
How many throw pillows are on a loveseat?
Because a loveseat is a 2-seater sofa, there isn’t a lot of room for pillows. We recommend up to three throw pillows for decoration and comfort. Check out our selection of accent pillows to find the perfect fit.
How to clean loveseat upholstery?
That depends on the fabric a loveseat is upholstered in. When you find a loveseat from our selection that you’d like to get, check our Care Instructions section to get more detailed information on the best cleaning methods.
Should sofa and loveseat match?
Your sofa and loveseat don’t have to match. Just make sure your new loveseat at least goes with the style and overall color theme of your living room so it doesn’t clash with existing furniture and décor.
How to choose a loveseat?
It's important to consider the loveseat’s upholstery, style, and size to see what fits best in your living room. If you want to relax and lie back for movie nights, consider a power reclining loveseat. If you want to add a modern, sleek touch, a leather loveseat might be the answer. Our catalog has many options to choose from, and we are confident you will find the perfect choice of loveseat to complement your home.