Your Guide to the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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If there’s one person who deserves a day to celebrate herself, it’s mom! And Mother’s Day is the day to show her how much you love and appreciate her (and maybe spoil her a little bit, too). 

We know moms are notoriously hard to shop for. So our handy guide is here to help you out with gift ideas for all the mothers, biological or not, in your life. 

Flower Power

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We know they’re cliche, but they make her so happy! There’s nothing quite like seeing mom’s face light up when her “baby” shows up on Mother’s Day morning with a fresh bouquet of flowers. 

Make it even more personal by remembering her favorite flower, or at least her favorite color. Put them in a pretty, decorative vase that will make her smile long after the last petal has fallen. 

If you want to make this gift last all year long, buy her a flower subscription. Every month, your mom will be reminded that you’re her favorite!

Best For: moms who like to stop and smell the roses

Make it a Brunch Date

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We know, when you were a kid, you brought her breakfast in bed. But we’re here to tell you a little secret: mom doesn’t really like breakfast in bed! It’s not comfortable, and the crumbs get everywhere. Instead, take her out to brunch, preferably someplace that takes reservations – Mother’s Day gets busy! 

Even better, skip the crowded restaurants and have brunch delivered (or pick it up). Set a pretty table for two with your best silverware and use your fancy china, so that mom feels extra special. You can even go all out and serve her a mimosa. 

Best For: moms who think omelets are the bomb

Get Personal

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With jewelry, that is! Go all out with something personalized just for mom. 

  • Turn your family tree into a necklace, combining your mom’s birthstone with those of you and your siblings, for example.
  • Splurge on a handwriting bracelet, which replicates your scrawled “Love you, mom” into a love note she can wear around her wrist. 
  • Buy her an initial necklace, with just hers or yours and your siblings’. 
  • Indulge a star-gazing mom with a constellation necklace.

Whether it’s her initials or her birthstone, moms love anything made specially for them. And instead of wrapping up the typical box, buy a pretty dish or shallow bowl that mom can use as a jewelry holder for all of her favorite pieces. 

Best For: moms who adore bling

Say Cheese!

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You know all those selfies you have in your camera roll? Especially the ones with your mom and your siblings? It’s time to print those out. There are plenty of online apps that help you print them into a photo book that mom can flip through whenever she wants to see her “babies.” 

We suggest you get creative – maybe print a photo album of your most recent vacation, or showing pictures of the family over the years. Don’t be surprised if mom gets a little teary-eyed!

But why limit yourself to only photo books? Online photo printing has so many more possibilities. You can print photos on everything from beach towels to phone cases. You’re sure to find something mom will love – and love to use. 

Best For: moms who like to look at their kids all day. 

Light Up Her World

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Does mom sniff every single candle every time you go to the store? She just can’t resist those yummy scents! Bring some home for mom with a variety of candles for every room. Consider 3-wick candles for the living room, tea lights for the bath, and tapered candles – with some new, pretty candlestick holders – for candlelit dinners. 

And we have the perfect suggestion for moms who love being outside: a hurricane lantern with a citronella candle. Mom can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about mosquitoes. 

Best For: moms who are drawn to the flame

Binge with Her

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Product shown: Eve Green Throw Blanket

The one thing moms truly love is spending time with their kids! With movie theatres mostly closed, clear your evening and plan on watching her favorite flick or binging a show. Whether she’s into black-and-white classics, 80s rom-coms, or Hallmark movies, today is all about her, so let her take control of the remote. 

Make it special by cozying up with plush, cozy blankets and mom’s favorite snacks. 

Best For: moms who can’t say no to movie theater popcorn

Wake Her Up

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For years, you woke mom up way before she was ready. Now you can do it again but in a more gentle way. A sunrise alarm clock will slowly wake her up by filling the room with light that feels like  a sunrise. Mom can even customize it with colored lights and nature sounds. It’s a more gentle way to wake up than with a loud alarm clock.

Sometimes, moms have a harder time waking up because they didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Make sure mom has comfy pillows and bedding, and that her bedroom is dark enough. 

Best For: moms who like to rise and shine

Splurge on Beauty

When was the last time mom really splurged on herself? Moms just don’t do that often , so it’s time for you to step in with a beauty box subscription. Every month, mom will get all the best products delivered right to her door for a dose of healthy pampering. 

If mom is already up-to-date on all the beauty trends, spoil her with a vanity table or even just a new mirror for the countertop or wall. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time she applies liquid liner! 

Best For: moms who appreciate the latest beauty buzz

Deep Breaths

Essential oils and pink flowers in white compartment on table

From de-stressing with lavender to energizing with lemon, essential oils and aromatherapy can have a positive effect on your mom’s mood  throughout the day. An aromatherapy diffuser and a set of quality essential oils are great gifts that  she can use every day. 

If mom’s new to the world of scent therapy, include a book on aromatherapy so she can learn more about which oils to use and how to blend them for the results she would like. 

Another option would be an aromatherapy bracelet or pendant. These have a felt pad inside, where mom can dab a drop or two of oil, and wear them close to her skin all day. Perfect for giving a busy mom some extra stress relief!

Best For: moms who could use a little zen

Add to Her Collection

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Does mom have a collection she’s mildly obsessed with? Maybe it’s sweet little figurines – moms seem to love those! Whatever it is that mom collects, show her some love by adding to her collection. Next time you visit, take note of what she already has (or take a quick pic so you don’t forget!) and buy her another one. 

If mom doesn’t already have a great way to display her collectibles, a curio cabinet or shelves – hung up by you of course – would be so appreciated. She can proudly show off all her favorites,  courtesy of her favorite child.

Best For: moms who “just need one more” to complete the collection

These suggestions are sure to spark your creativity when it comes to gift-giving. Keep mom’s personality in mind, and you can’t help but pick something she’ll love. Because at the end of the day, your mom really only wants two things: she wants to feel special, and she wants to spend time with you!

P.S. While you’re shopping, don’t forget your “bonus” moms – grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, stepmothers, and mothers-in-law all deserve some extra love on Mother’s Day, too! 

You can find great gifts while shopping at our online store or you can visit an El Dorado Furniture store near you in Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, St. Pete, Ft. Myers, or Naples. We’re excited to see what you get!

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