Traditional, Rustic, Modern: Which Dining Style Inspires You?

With the fall season coming up, there are many occasions to plan that are synonymous with dining. You will begin to create new memories with your closest friends and family members while you gather together around the table for a delicious meal. Join us as we highlight a few distinct dining sets from traditional, rustic, and modern styles. After reviewing these, you will learn more about what style suits you and your family. Click here for a complete list to get inspired!

Traditional pieces trace their origins from classic times such as “18th century England, the French countryside or even the exotic lands of the East.” These pieces are characterized by solid wood construction and antique brass finish. There is always a mix of luxurious fabric and leather, which can be accentuated with floral prints, tassels, and fringe. Exquisite wood carvings stand alone as one of the main characteristics of traditional style. In essence, this style can complement your home with intricate design for an eternal feel.

Grand Estate 5-Piece Formal Dining Set

The Grand Estate Dining Set embraces traditional style with a simple feel. The pedestal base is crafted from solid wood and warm colors, creating a classic look. The shield back style chairs upholstered in polyester provide a complete look for this collection, which seats up to four of your closest friends and family members. For small gatherings, this set provides you with more personal experiences with your nuclear family. Next, emphasize your décor with floral arrangements or centerpieces to portray an elegant finish. You can even add a crystal chandelier or a still-life oil painting to complement the simplicity of this traditional set.


Opulent 5-Piece Formal Dining Set

The old castle feel of the Opulent Dining Set brings charm into your home while imitating romanticism of classic traditional style. The chairs are upholstered in durable leather and Jacquard fabric, which helps capture the exquisite look. The table includes hand-laid patterns, wrought iron, and a double pedestal base for an elegant Baroque finish. For those special occasions coming up with family and friends, seating can go from four to ten guests by utilizing two insert leaves. The fact that this set is typical traditional style allows you to complete the grand castle look with unique candle holders or simple accent pieces.


Rustic pieces emphasize rugged, natural beauty, with distressed wood and metals as the centerpiece. The modern take on this design tends to combine farm and industrial style for a simple, relaxed finish. With reclaimed wood, natural colors and fabrics as the main features, you can add simple accent pieces to your home décor that complement the earthy tones of this style. Essentially, rustic style allows you to explore the simplicity of the past.

American Attitude 5-Piece Formal Dining Set

The American Attitude Dining Set emphasizes a warm, inviting environment for your dining room with classic rustic style. The table has an X-pattern top and double pedestal base in light oak color to establish a distressed finish. The warm brown leatherette upholstered chairs with linen backs illustrate the farm style of this collection. For a party of eight, use two insert leaves for special occasions this fall with extended family. With a more classic rustic dining set like this one, showcase the beauty of the wood grain with one simple centerpiece.


Pinot 5-Piece Casual Dining Set

The Pinot Dining Set highlights a natural finish for your dining area. The table is made from solid acacia wood, which reveals a detailed pattern with metal accents on the sides. In addition, the chairs include a wood seat and exposed metal sheet accents for a modern mix of rustic and industrial tones. One insert leaf is included so that you can seat up to eight guests for a casual meal with your extended family or friends. Embrace the unique finish of the table by adding simple centerpieces or soften it up with floral arrangements.


Modern pieces embrace contemporary design. In essence, modern style is timeless and holds on to the past, while contemporary style emphasizes the “now.” There is a constant mix of glass, chrome, and wood that creates a polished, sleek look. In addition, the color scheme sticks to black, white, and neutrals which gives you room to use colorful accent pieces. Overall, modern furniture shapes your home with simple contemporary hints.

Linden White Corner Nook Set

The Linden White Corner Nook Set accentuates a glossy finish with metro-modern style. The table is made from engineered wood and includes a pedestal base with stainless steel for a smooth touch. The leatherette bench is curved and allows you to provide comfortable seating for your nuclear family or close friends this fall. The fact that this set has hard edges and shiny design gives you the opportunity to use one striking centerpiece to create a focal point for your dining room.


Valencia White 5-Piece Formal Dining Set

The Valencia White Dining Set mixes modern and natural materials to highlight a casual dining room setting. The leatherette upholstered chairs with solid wood backs provide a two-tone contrast. In addition, the table is made from natural solid wood combined with a glass top for a unique European look. Using two extension leaves, you can seat up to six friends and family, which is useful for small formal occasions. In order to accentuate the simple look of the table, consider using very few centerpieces. Some examples of accents for this set are geometric-patterned or plain area rugs or unique art pieces.


Now that you have seen a preview of traditional, rustic, and modern dining sets, let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below! Once you choose your style, you can update your décor to make it your own. By changing your décor, you can change the complete look of any room in your home. You can take your family and your guests back to either classic European time with traditional style, an earthy farm setting with rustic style, or to the present with sleek modern style.



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